The last thing a to-be bride needs is a maid of honor who will ruin her wedding! Choosing a maid of honor sometimes cannot be as easy as one might think. Trying to stick to a promise made playing "wedding day" with a childhood chum (when one obviously did not know any better) is not a good enough reason to make them the chief bridesmaid!

The same goes for the fortunate soul who gets "chosen" for such a coveted post. The job of a maid of honor is to support the bride in her hour of need. So stealing her thunder on her Big Day is the last thing one would want to do, no matter how much better they think they would look in the bride's dress. Here are some tips on what to do and what to avoid like the plague when selecting the right bridesmaid as well as proper bridesmaid etiquette.

Choosing the "Chief"
No matter how easy and convenient flipping a coin in choosing a maid of honor might be, it is best to think of such decisions wisely. The last thing anyone wants to do is to offend the prospective candidates who will be fighting tooth and nail for the spot! The best thing to do is to figure out where one's priorities

This is a sure fire way to choose between siblings and friends. The family dog is not an option! No matter if old Poopsie is on her last legs, the loss of a loved one will be greater if one decides to have a canine companion walk the isle before them.

The Early Bird catches the Bridesmaid
Always do the choosing part ahead of time. A bridesmaid can be an effective crutch in easing any pre marital jitters as well as helping out in planning events. Choosing her at the last minute will end up hurting her, especially when she has lost sleep over it.

Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride
The lucky candidate who gets chosen for the coveted post has to conduct herself properly as well. The bridesmaid should NOT try to steal the show. It's the bride's day. Mrs. Patterson complains that her maid of honor started trying on wedding dresses while accompanying her at the bridal shop. So the last thing any bridesmaid would want being called is "the maid of horror from hell" for the rest of her life.

Easy on the liquor
Chugging down copious amounts of booze at the reception is a bad idea for a bridesmaid, especially if she can't hold her liquor. The maid of honor's duty is to give a wedding speech wishing the blushing bride well. Slurring her words, forgetting the speech that she lost sleep over and worst of all, flirting with the groom might cripple her relationship with the bride for life. Digging up the bride's exes in front of the groom and the happily oblivious parents, is also not a good idea. The point of the wedding is for them to STAY TOGETHER after tying the knot.

Runaway Bridesmaid!
Last but definitely not least, a bridesmaid should be trustworthy so she doesn't ditch the bride on her wedding day!! It is the taboo of all wedding taboos. Being branded as the bridesmaid version of Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride will hurt future prospects.