Top Reasons NOT to go to New York City for New Years Eve

Ahhh.... New York city.  It's the central hub of the biggest New Year’s Eve party on the planet and a megaplex of hustle and bustle.  The attraction of the big city on New Year’s Eve can be very alluring and possibly irresistible to fans of Justin Bieber or The Black Eyed Peas or whoever the big named headliner will be.  While I love visiting the city from time to time make no mistake, this is probably on my top 10 list of worst vacations to take ever.

My Hotel Room is How Much

I was SUPPOSED to have a room held by a family member for $90 a night but because she didn’t “Pre Pay” for them when she booked they ended up being $350 each.  If you want to do this terrible vacation at least pre pay for your room like 8 months in advance.  That is the only way to get a room for a reasonable price.  My other family member couldn’t afford it so I ended up having to buy 2 rooms, ouch.

It's Cold!

Maybe it’s just the fact I’m from Georgia but holy cow!  It was about 30 degrees below wind chill factor on New Year’s Eve and the only thing that kept us warm was sitting on a sewer grate in the barricade we were in, which brings us to our next point.  The next day, we realized sitting on that sewer grate ruined our jeans and we joked about having some “New York on us”.  Wear thermal under garments specifically on the legs to combat the bone chilling wind.


There is nothing wrong with tourists, I frequently love being one.  However, there are so many people in the city during this time that anything you want to do will be a nightmare.  For example, if you want to visit the top of the Empire State Building you are in for a 4 hour wait at the base of the building in a line that wraps around the entire building and remember its 30 below wind chill factor.  I hope you are wearing your thermal underwear.

What Time Should I Leave For Time Square

This one is probably one of the worst.  If you want to make it to be in one of the barricades that you can actually see the stage and the ball you should probably be in Time Square around 3:00pm.  We decided to head to Time Square about 10:45 and were about forty barricades back.  We could see the ball but it looked like a micro strand of Christmas tree lights wadded up into a dime sized ball.


When you get done putting on forty-two layers of clothes for step one, take a night cap, and head out for the glorious evening you will be greeted by barricades guarded by NYC’s finest.  You will be searched, darn there goes my wonderful new flask, and herded through barricades one by one till you eventually get stopped and told this is as far as you can go.

Barricades only hold a certain amount of people then they close the gates and no one is allowed in.  We couldn’t even hear the music from the spot we had to situate in.

I Need to go to the Bathroom

During your wait you are not allowed to exit the barricade unless you want to go to the back of the 1,000,000 person line.  I am not exactly sure how stringent they are on this rule as my girlfriend was allowed to leave the line and come back but I’m sure if we were farther up they would have cared more.  This is one of the great mysteries, please leave a comment below so others will know from your experience.

How Big is the Ball

The ball is manufactured by Waterford Crystal with a diameter of 6 feet and weighing 1,212 pounds.  Maybe that sounds big to you, put it on top of a 475 building with a glorified flag post on top of it and it looks like a ping pong ball.  We stood at the base of the building and looked at it and though, “Wow, I figured it would be much bigger than that.”  Add some distance between you and the ball and it can virtually vanish.

12:15 You Can Hear Crickets

5,4,3,2,1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  As soon as the ball drops and the confetti flies everyone cheers, hugs, and kisses and in ten minutes the streets are empty.  The cleaning crew immediately begins their process which resembles a horde of ants carrying trash away in a very systematic and organized effort.  They were done in like 30 minutes like it never happened.  It is kind of cool when you think about it.