It’s that time of year again, the holiday season. Many of us are making our gift lists. grandpa's seem like they are one of the hardest people to shop for on your Christmas list. It seems like they have everything right? Here are my top six Christmas gift ideas for grandpa's.

SmartWool Socks

            Did you know that men actually get colder as they age? SmartWool socks are great for grandpa's because they keep your feet warm, because they are made out of wool. They also wick away moisture from your feet to keep them nice and dry and in return, warm. SmartWool socks come in many different styles and colors, everything from short athletic socks to tall, thick ski socks. The price range is about $12-$20 a pair.

New Bath Towels

            Think about it, when was the last time your grandpa bought new bath towels for himself, probably a long time ago. This is a great gift idea because it is something he would not normally buy for himself.  Who doesn’t like new soft bath towels right?

Professional Sports Tickets

            If your grandpa is into sports, a pair of tickets to see his favorite team would be a great idea. Who knows, maybe you will be the lucky one that he invites to go with him.

Magazine Subscription

            If your grandpa likes to read and has a particular interest in a subject, a magazine subscription would be a another great gift idea. He would get something new to read every month. Now days you can get magazines about just anything, everything from computers to fishing.

Personalized Address Book

            If your grandpa is a very organized type of person, or likes to send greeting cards, making a personalized address book for him would be a great idea.  You could put all the addresses and phone numbers of his friends and family in it. They would all be in one place for him when he needs to find them.

Homemade Foods

            Let’s me honest, who doesn’t like homemade food? Maybe he likes cookies, you could make him a batch and wrap them up nicely, or maybe he’s more a jam person. Making homemade jam is always a great gift idea. He can put it on his toast in the morning and think of you. Either way making homemade food as a gift if fun for you and very personalized.