best fat burning workout

The best fat burning workout begins with using only one muscle. You don’t need to purchase a bow-flex, sink hundreds of dollars into prepared foods to monitor your calorie intake, or become a marathon runner to finally see the pounds melt off. You simply need to consider your brain to be a muscle. If you learn how to flex your thinking power to stimulate healthy eating habits, exercise self respect, and make productive choices, you will have tapped into a secret that has been working for svelte hotties around the globe.

The brain is the beginning and the end of your health. If you can put your brain to work for you, miracles can take place on the scale. First thing you must teach your brain is that exercise is the best fat burning workout you can ever do, and the second is to fuel your body with the right foods that will leave you with enough energy to get yourself moving.

What Is the Correct Fat Burning Fuel, Are Calories Good or Bad?

While it is true that you need to monitor the amount of calories you eat every day, since consistent overeating can lend itself to a larger pant size that doesn’t mean that calories are inherently bad. In fact, your body needs calories, specifically, calorie-dense-nutrient-dense foods, to keep your body functioning and burning fat effectively.

So the question to ask shouldn’t be, are calories good or bad, but instead what makes a calorie good or bad? The distinction can be found in the quality of the calories. You want to eat foods in their most natural stripped down state because the less toxins you eat, the less your body stores those calories as fat. Not only will you have a leaner looking physique, but eating foods that have been less affected by the hands of man in labs, will also lower your risk for disease. Too many toxins equal a toxic internal environment.

What Are Examples of Clean Unprocessed Food in the Diet Solution?

Clean unprocessed food would be easier to define if there wasn’t so much competition in the food industry for using attractive food labeling. Food corporations are aware that the U.S is on a health kick—one that will hopefully spur a lifetime search for foods that are healthy in their natural state. Even so, it is easy to become confused when a package says, “all-natural” or “source of whole grain”. If it looks healthy it must be right?

The keywords you need to be looking for that will set apart processed foods from unprocessed foods are the following:

•    “Grass fed”
•    “Organic”
•    “Free-range”
•    “Hormone free”
•    “Antibiotic free”

However, if you truly want to eat clean, unprocessed foods on a daily basis, most of those foods won’t have any packaging at all! Retrain your mind to look at pre-packaged food as unhealthy. Pick up fresh produce, including organic veggies and fruits. Invest in creating meals from scratch using products that come directly from the farm. Don’t buy the cheap proteins simply because they are cheaper. Buy the more expensive organic, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef and organic eggs.

If the heftier cost means that you make a stew that will last you three days instead of making a dish that can only make one meal, then that is a wonderful way to work in these types of clean proteins.

If the price tag gives you organic shock over and over, come up with creative ways to use the more expensive, but long-term more healthy choices in meals that can be easily stretched, repurposed or turned into sandwiches, soups, hash, etc.

We are in an economic crisis. With gas prices rising, it is no wonder that the cost of food is rising as well. But with some research and a little try, you can still make antibiotic, hormone-free meals for your family and yourself that will help you look and feel great, as well as maintain your overall long-term health!