Are you looking forward to Spring and Summer? Those nights where you could just lay out on the ground and look up at the stars? Or even sit on your porch with the low rumblings of a thunderstorm coming near. What a great way to spend time with friends and family. But what if you didn’t have to lay on the ground or sit on the porch? What if you could be swinging comfortably in a beautifully made swing just for yourself? Now that’s what could make your night even better.

Following, you will find an article devoted to helping you find that perfect outdoor swing, whether it’s $300 or just $30, we have them both. Find out what you’re looking for and one of these may be just right for you. We all know how it is to try and find a comfortable and high quality furniture piece that goes well with your home decor and outdoor scenery. Check these two reviews and see if you’d like either of them. The best of luck to you in your search for the perfect outdoor swing!

Outdoor Swings

Hatteras C-1028 Adventurer – Rio Birch

Here’s what the company has to say about their beautiful product: “Enjoy floating with the breeze in this cozy, cushioned double swing from Hatteras. White-oak parts are repeatedly hand-dipped in honey-gold marine-grade varnish for optimal durability. Thick cushions offer plenty of loft for years of comfort. The swing’s quilted exterior fabric is stuffed with polyester fiberfill batting that dries quickly, so that favorite outdoor seat is always at the ready, even shortly after a mild rain. Hatteras’s Adventurer Collection of outdoor furniture and accessories features wide swaths of earth tones including brown, taupe and straw to blend in with any natural venue. Nearly indestructible, the swing’s exterior Duracord fabric is one of the hardiest outdoor furniture materials made. Both stain and mildew resistant, Duracord’s synthetic yarn is solution-dyed as the yarn is formed, so the swing’s coloring will never fade even in constant sun. On top of being as tough as it is, the Duracord material is unsurpassed in comfort, offering a cozy, cotton-like feel that feels good against the skin as the swing’s thick cushioning soothes the joints. Incredibly soft to the touch yet amazingly durable, you’ll rest easy rocking in the breeze with a favorite book, drink, kiddoe, or pet. Hatteras backs the purchase with a 1-year limited warranty.” 

And here is a nice review by somebody who has found this outdoor swing to be just perfect for their home and yard.

“Yes, this item is ONLY the swing, not the stand, not the canopy. I am on my third swing in 10 years. We live in a harsh climate. This is the MOST COMFORTABLE seat. I bound out of bed thinking about how great it's gonna be to sit in my swing with my paper and coffee. When it comes, it is gorgeous. The fabric on this color seems a bit lighter weight than others, but it dries beautifully after a rain. The wood is gorgeous, but a word of caution: you MUST recoat with spar urethane yearly or it will crack and de-laminate - still be usable, but not so pretty. Yes, this swing is replacing a sadly neglected one :(. Store inside in the winter if you live in snow country.

I have had the canopy in the past and love it, but it makes the swing much more susceptible to wind. I have the metal stand, and very little (no) protection from wind and the whole stand will blow over in a big storm. Ultimately, the canopy broke. I decided to do without. I still need to take the swing down when I know we are getting big winds.

I ordered this swing for $40 less and free shipping on another site and it came within a week.” – Karen M.

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Cotton Padded Outdoor Swing Chair

The chair measures 38 inches x 17 ¾ inches x 52 inches high. And you can’t beat this deal with a price only at $24 on Amazon. It’s beautiful, elegant, and made from the highest quality of cotton.

This piece of elegance was reviewed by tons of people and out of 5 stars, these outdoor swings brought in 4.5 stars. What a testimony as to the great craftsmanship and quality of this swing. Here’s what some of those customers had to say:

“The swing is very beautiful! The seat is large and very comfortable (And I'm 5'9 260lbs) it does not come with any supports it's just the swing, just in case you needed to know so yes go buy the S rods and the chains to hold it. Very happy with the purchase!! now if I could just keep the mosquitos away!! LOL.” – Sun & Fun

“My son is autistic and constantly craving those sensory inputs - like jumping and swinging provide. This swing let me bring therapy home with us. It's inexpensive (unlike "therapy" catalog swings) and very comfortable without being overly restraining. Both of the kids love it. The company shipped very quickly and we received it in record time. The only problem: I forgot to order two the first time, and now the kids argue over it.” – Victoria 

“Bought a pair of these a year ago, figuring for $40 for two chairs cant go too wrong. THESE ARE GREAT! The kids LOVE them, and so do adults. I weigh 235 and they support me easily. No signs of physical wear so far. I would avoid letting them get rained on, or precipitation in general. Other then that, they are really great. I bought a couple of chains with carabiners so can move then easily. They are amazingly good for under $20 apiece, better than some of the chairs on here for triple the price!” – J.W.


Whether you want something for two people to sit on or just for yourself, either of these outdoor swings will work just perfectly. To find out more about the respective swing, just click on the image or the title and you’ll be sent directly to the respective page for further descriptions, reviews, and pricing. Good luck!