Ok, so times are hard and people are trying to hold onto every nickel they have. Once way to save money is to find ways to use things around your home in ways they were not originally intended. When you recycle unused items, you can save tons of money by not going out to buy unnecessary items. You'd be surprised  how many things around your home have many different uses. So the next time you go to throw something out, ask yourself, "is there anything else I can use this for?"

Here are a few ideas I got from others sources and some that I use myself, but it gives you an idea that there is really no limit to how you can repurpose items. Your ability to do so is only limited by your imagination and willingness to think outside the box. Get creative and save your hard earned dollars.


Use Muffin Liners As A Popsicle And Fudgesicle holders

Muffin Tin Popsicle HolderCredit: http://downlo.tumblr.com/post/9311518923/use-a-cupcake-muffin-liner-to-catch-popsicle-drips

By doing this, the drips go right into the muffin liners and doesn't get your hands messy and sticky. According to Woman's World Magazine, just poke the wooden stick through the center of the paper cup and push it up about three quarters of the way. Instant mess free way to enjoy your frozen treats. If you are throwing a party or just want do some crafts with the kids, see the video below on how to make flowers out of cupcake liners.


Use You Old Dish Rack To Hold Your Child's Coloring Books, Markers and Crayons

Dish RackCredit: http://www.realsimple.com/new-uses-for-old-things/new-uses-kids/print-index.html

Need a new dish rack, well don't throw out the old one, use it to hold your child's coloring books and other supplies. Just sanitize it with bleach and pass it on. It's safe to use and it is a really good organizer since the compartments are already divided. This idea and the bed-in-a-bag idea came from a great website about recycling home items, the link is in the reference section.


Use Your Old Playpen As A Cold Frame Greenhouse

PlaypenCredit: Amazon.com

For those of you who like to grow fruit, veggies and flowers but like to get started a little early in the season. This makes an excellent cold frame green house especially for those who live in small spaces and do mainly bucket gardening.  I just started bucket gardening and I'm going to be experimenting with winter gardening (Dec-March), growing cabbage and other winter crops in a bucket. This will make a great cold frame space for my winter gardening and also a great space to start spring gardening a little earlier. Your compartment is already there, all you need is the polyurethane plastic cover to keep the cold out and you have your greenhouse nice and easy.


Bed in a Bag or Comforter Bags As  An Art Supply Organizer

Linen BagCredit: http://www.realsimple.com/new-uses-for-old-things/new-uses-kids/print-index.html

This is pretty much cut and dry. It's big, it can slide under the bed easily and it can hold a lot of stuff. Why throw it away, especially if you have children who have too many toys and art supplies. You can also use it to store away your seasonal clothes.


Use You Old MakeUp Bag As A Toy Travel Case For Toddlers

Hanging Cosmetic Bag

If you are traveling, just pile some of their toys in the makeup bag and they have their own little toy travelling case.  You can also use it at home to organize toys and games.


Remember, "Don't throw it away, RECYCLE IT!





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