Most of us spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on clothing and accessories each year, only to discard those once fashionable items when the trend has passed.  With so many of us cutting back and looking for ways to save, now is a great time to rethink not only your clothing budget but the whole clothing buying experience.  There are a number of ways you can save money without sacrificing your style, your taste or your individuality.


Start a Clothing Circle

Most teenage girls are familiar with the concept of swapping and sharing clothes, but when those kids grow up that once fun hobby tends to disappear.  You can bring back the fun and excitement of those bygone days by teaming up with a like minded group of friends to form a sort of clothing club.  The members of the club can choose a few items from one another’s closets and share those items to create some truly unique and stylish outfit.


Maybe you have the perfect black dress and your best friend owns a yellow suit jacket that would look perfect with it. Perhaps you have a pair of killer high heels that would look stunning with your friend’s new cocktail dress.  No matter how you slice it, this unique arrangement is a great way for everyone in your group to save a lot of money.  And let’s face it, grownups need to save money more than teenage girls.


Donate – and Shop – At Your Local Thrift Store

Of course there will be times when you truly have clothing you no longer need.  Whether it is a dress that no longer fits or a pair of old jeans that is no longer your style, the local thrift shop is a great place to send your retired, by still wearable, clothing.


But don’t just leave your donations at the front door and walk away.  The thrift store is also a great place to shop for the clothing and accessories you need to create those great outfits.  If you think of thrift stores as dingy and depressing, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.  These days many thrift stores look just like department stores, with their rows of carefully arranged merchandise and an array of great designer fashions.  The only thing that betrays the fact that you are in a thrift store is the low prices on the tags.


Choose Classic Styles

Whether you purchase your clothing at the local thrift store or the department store down the street, it is important to choose classic styles that can be mixed and matched in a number of different ways.  Choosing timeless fashions that will never go out of style will help you create many different outfits with just a few inexpensive pieces.


While you are shopping also be sure to pick up a couple of accessories that can be mixed and matched as well.  Things like scarves and pins can be used to dress up a number of different outfits, and these accessories can be a low cost addition to any stylish wardrobe.


With a few simple adjustments you can create a stylish wardrobe for less than you would have thought.  With so many people focused on trimming costs, slashing the clothing budget has never been more in vogue.  Luckily for you, there are some tried and true wasy to trim your budget while still staying in fashion.