Destination Acquired

Everyone knows the importance of a goal but do you know how to supercharge yours? Can you imagine the power of a goal if it’s really amped up? A supercharged goal will keep you from wandering by giving you a real destination, it’ll keep you from spreading yourself too thin by giving you focus, and it’ll keep you from wasting time on meaningless activities by giving you motivation. Follow these tips to supercharge your goal.

  1. Identify something that’s meaningful to you and more importantly, why it’s meaningful to you. Since I was a child, I wanted to be a writer. That’s good.  But why am I writing? What’s the point? What am I trying to accomplish through the writing? I need to have a clear vision of the why. If I don’t, I might accomplish the goal of becoming a writer, without accomplishing the things that I really wanted to accomplish through my writing. I want to be a writer to reach people. I want to empower and invigorate others.  So make sure you have the destination in mind (the goal) but also what it’s going to look like once you get there (the why).
  2. It needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, and live up to the vision you have for the goal. Being a writer isn’t a very specific goal. But having three articles published in 60 days, is specific, measurable and doable. For it to live up to the vision I have for becoming a writer, then the articles need to be about something that’s inspiring to others. 
  3. It can’t just be in your head. Commit to your goal by writing it down. Your goal isn’t just an idea in your head. It becomes a serious objective when you commit to writing it down. Go ahead. Write it down. Write it as something specific, measureable, attainable and it MUST match the vision you have by answering to the why.

The Map

Now that you have a destination, you need a map to get your there. What are the steps you need to take? Get a journal and devote it to the goal. Begin by writing down the goal and vision you have for that goal. Brainstorm ideas that will help you get there and begin researching those ideas and implementing those that you determine to be worthwhile. Prioritize those actions based on the ones that will propel you toward your goal with the least amount of effort. Once you do those, move to the harder ones.

The Road

There are going to be times when obstacles pop up and you’re met with resistance. The path is not always easy and signs are not always clear. How often have you been on a trip and your flight gets delayed, you get a flat tire, or you realize that you’re lost? How do you react to those setbacks? How you react is going to have a HUGE impact on your ability to reach your destination. You’re going to need to be strong enough in mind to go back to your map and reevaluate. If you struggle with cheering yourself on, then you need to do two things. First, go back to your goal and remember the why. Why did you want to do this in the first place? Is it still important to you? Then, contact your cheerleader. Choose at least one person that you share your plan with and recruit them to be encouraging when things are hard.

A Caution Sign

Don’t get so caught up in tracking your progress that you lose sight of the goal. Ever been on a road trip and see a mileage sign only to realize that you haven’t traveled as far as you’d hoped? I know I get aggravated when I realize I’m not making good time. Whenever you check your progress you have to deal with your reaction, positive or negative. You may end up having to stop to remind yourself of the why and call your cheerleader. You’ll end up spending so much time combating your reaction that you lose focus and some of your momentum in accomplishing the goal. Even if you’re making great progress, that doesn’t mean you can slack off. You aren’t there yet! Tracking the goal too closely can cause you to sabotage yourself if you aren’t careful.

When I started my website, I obsessively checked the traffic on the site, because the measure of a successful website is its daily traffic. The time I spent checking, and then reacting and thinking about the traffic statistics cut into my writing and designing time. I’d have to combat thoughts like, “why am I still doing this,” and “It’s not making a difference.” Having to combat those negative thoughts severely cut into my goal of driving traffic and reaching more people.  It changed my frame of mind which interfered with the quality of the content I was producing.

I agree that tracking your progress is important. It’s only then, that you can tweak your process for success by analyzing what’s working and what’s not working. But it is imperative that you do this in a focused, intentional, and scheduled way without haphazardly checking in to see how things are going. Be prepared for whatever result might come your way by resolving to focus on action. You have the power to do something about the results. Focus on that power. The ball is in your court.

Reach Your Destination

Now that you are armed with a supercharged goal, you’ll find the focus and motivation to reach your destination and for it to look exactly the way you intended when you get there. Bon voyage my friend.