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Gmail is potentially one of the most popular email service providers on the market but there are those who would disagree.  Firstly, there are many who have complained about the new 'compose' window.  Some feel it is less user-friendly and inconvenient.  It has been said that it is awkward to use for those on a mobile broadband connection

Mobile broadband comparison reports rarely mention GMail difficulties, but they are a serious issue for many.

Another complaint is the inability to view more than one Gmail account at one time.  If you have two accounts you would need to sign out of one to view the other.  If you sign into another you would automatically be signed out of the former which can be inconvenient.  This also influences the ability to import accounts from other services in Gmail, or rather the inability.

A common concern it the fact that Gmail scans every email message sent and received.  This is done so advertisers can better target users and display ads relevant to their target audience.  This scanning is often considered an invasion of privacy.

For these reasons, and many more, some individuals look for other email service providers.  Here are some other services you could use as an alternative to Gmail.

1. Zoho

Zoho is one of the secure, ad-free email hosting services working with your own domain.  A free plan can host one domain name and will offer up to 5 user accounts.  It will also present up to 3 email groups.  However, if you want to host multiple domains then you will be required to upgrade your plan.

An advantage to Zoho is that it can operate on any mobile device that supports IMAP and POP.  It can also operate with external email clients via POP and IMAP.  This means that you can access mail from different accounts through Zoho as long as you have POP access.

2. Hushmail

Hushmail is a web-based email service that also operates on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.  You will be required to have IMAP and POP technology to utilise this email service.  An advantage of Hushmail is that you get a built-in encryption, no advertisements and a whopping 25GB of storage.  You also have the option of different Hushmail domain names including, and

One disadvantage of Hushmail is that you can only use email aliases if you upgrade your plan to a Premium account.  Furthermore, you must sign into your account regularly to keep it active.


The service is free of charge and allows you to choose from over 200 domain names.  Many times individuals will choose something related to their profession such as  Some individuals choose a domain associated with their hobbies such as or  Further advantage of is its unlimited storage, spam filters, calendar integration, mail collector and 50MB attachments ability.  It also presents with an antivirus and mobile service.

4. is one of the more professional email options bringing with it all the Microsoft Office Apps and Sky Drive.  Positive features of are that you can import your emails from Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Windows Live and view them without opening an internet browser.  You can also use to send and receive emails from various other email accounts.  This allows for unlimited storage which will increase when needed.

A further advantage of the service is its social media integration.  This is a 'leftover' from the Hotmail era and includes the Microsoft Live IM feature.  Outlook allows you to import contacts from Facebook as well as keeping up to date with their Facebook activity.  It also allows you to publish personal photos, videos and status updates to Facebook.

5. Facebook

Many individuals may not realise this but if you have a Facebook account, you automatically have a Facebook email account.  This not only allows your friends to email you at your account but allows for external emails as well - sent and received.  When sending messages to external emails they will show up in your inbox indicating your Facebook email account as the sender.

Sending emails via Facebook is like sending a private message, except instead of entering a name you will be entering an email address.  The advantages of a Facebook account is that you can send group messages keep a full conversation history or leave conversations you have no desire to continue marking them as spam.

6. Yahoo Mail

Potentially the most popular alternative to Gmail is Yahoo Mail.  Although once an inconvenient service, they have become modern and hold their own against larger competitors.  Yahoo mail can now be accessed on a computer, all mobile devices and in email clients that support POP.  The account offers unlimited storage and all contacts can be imported from Facebook, Gmail, Outlook and other accounts.

Other positive features include an upgraded spam protection along with SSL encryption.  However, you do need to turn this on manually.  The popular Instant Messaging service is included as part of the inbox allowing you to IM friends while reading mail.  You are also able to send and receive text messages through Yahoo messenger.

7. allows you 5GB of space, a 50MB attachment restriction and a photograph modulator that helps you store, organise and share pictures with other individuals.  It also features an integrated daily organiser which is there to boost productivity.  Additional tools of include a calendar, reminders, a notes feature and a task manager.  The notes feature is very popular as it is useful for jotting down ideas and to-do lists.

Further benefits of the service include an automatic screening of emails for spam, viruses and spyware.  Unlike Gmail, there is no email scanning for advertisement purposes.  You are also able to receive alerts of any new emails by downloading the toolbar with email notifier.

8. Yandex

Yandex is a free email service provider offering you 3GB of storage on a Yandex disk.  There is the option of 7GB, however you would be required to complete certain steps to unlock this feature.  These steps will include tasks like installing a Windows programme or telling a friend about the service.  It should be noted that Yandex is a Russian platform but supports nine languages including English.

Final words on the matter

In conclusion, there are various email options on the internet so you do not need to stick to Gmail.  Always peruse the alternatives before opening an email account and find the one best suited to your needs. 

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