Although change is often feared, a great many positive benefits to taking steps that will change your life.  For many, the question is not whether or not they want to, it's more of a fear of what could – or could not – lie ahead.  The fear of the unknown can be a strong and sometimes paralyzing one.  There comes a point, however, when you have to weigh your options.  Even though the road you face could prove to be challenging, the options are simple:  Either you stay in the direction of your life as it is, accepting your discontentment, or you strive for a better life and wind up no worse than you already are.

One of the most common mental blocks we place on ourselves is the affirmation that we are “Sticking with what's comfortable.”  Think about that statement and what 'comfort' actually is.  There are many situations where we are left with feelings with which we are far from comfortable.  The more appropriate word is: Familiar.  While unhealthy behaviors and painful occurrences in life may be the only constituents of your existence so far, you are able to break free from the bondage of self-pity and demand a higher quality of life.

Is it always easy to change your life?

Absolutely not.  It takes perseverance and commitment, which are both traits that you deserve to adopt.  Admittedly, you won't decide right away that you are a strong, and independent person who is destined to succeed.  As a matter of fact, it may take a while for you to feel that way.  The good news is that your feelings do not have to dominate your actions.  Most people who have accomplished anything of notability started their mission with fear.  They proceeded, none the less, to accept the challenges that laid ahead.

There is an adage that states:  Bring the body and the mind will follow.  That is a very simple way to say that – no matter what your perception of something is – action on the contrary will prove to you that you have nothing to fear.  The more you accomplish in spite of yourself, the more confidence you gain.   With a higher level of confidence you are able to set more lofty goals and achieve them.

There are many unique circumstances that make it very difficult for one to rise out of a current situation.  The existence of mankind, and our advancement from the beginning ages to our current state of technology and availability should speak volumes for the power of action.  Although the power of one does not equate to the world as a whole, the given analogy is to say that potential for change lies within every exchange of words with another human being.

Your resources may be limited from where you sit, and all that means is that you need to be more meticulous in your planning.  In every situation there is at least one branch – no matter how fragile – on which to hold.  When you accept the possibilities of this single branch, you are accessing the power of the tree.  Start with only the smallest step, and you will open up the door for your next step.  You will continue until your progress is paving a path of its own, granting you the power to change your life.