Easy ways to control your cancer potential

We all have cells that could become cancerous!

Our modern mainstream medical practices are not paid to help you prevent cancer. But they claim to "save" your life by promoting diagnostic services that can actually cause cancer. Radiation, needle biopsies and false positives and scam tests that don't really mean you have cancer can scare the hell out of you. Money used to fund cancer "research" is spent on diagnosis (including false positives) and of course treatment. Some people are so afraid of breast cancer they cut off their breasts. Other victims lose their breasts, their hair and their life. We are going to need more than prayers and pink ribbons to stop this trend.

Poison slash and burnCredit: Sue Visser

Doctors never test the iodine and vitamin D3 levels of patients - let alone their cancer patients. People laugh when I talk about a 1/16 urine test, let alone HCG tests but they indicate hormonal changes that can promote the growth of cancer. According to Dr Brownstein, all cancer patients have extremely low iodine levels. Restoring your iodine status helps to prevent and treat many forms of cancer. So does vitamin D3. Is that why it is illegal to sell therapeutic doses of vitamin D3 without a prescription? We need it to control cell division, not just kill the cells that have divided. Does your oncologist tell you that? Do they test your urine for signs that cells are dividing out of control - years before you feel a lump in your breasts?

In America innocent people are bullied into signing up for chemotherapy. If they seek other options they are accused of breaking the law. Alternative treatments by some of the more innovative "complementary / illegal" doctors are convicted and thrown in jail or have to flee to places like Mexico. Why? To hide the evidence that they are curing cancer it would seem. So why do innocent people still give money, hair and prayers to mainstream cancer research? To keep the cancer treating industry with its toxic chemicals and lethal radiation going.

the grim reaperCredit: Sue Visser

What is happening at government level to "cure" cancer?

On the internet there are a number of hard-hitting videos you can watch before you decide how your cancer should be treated. "Chemo Side-Effects" is a survey of the cancer industry and the impact it has on people's lives. 80 minutes of riveting material to make your stomach turn. The next time somebody hands you a pink ribbon, think about where your hair and your money is going. If you really are serious about staying out of the clutches of cancer drives and ignorant campaigners you need to wise up and find out what causes cancer.

Think seriously about the causes of cancer and why you ignore them

Could it be the radiation you get from mammograms plus the poking and prodding and the aggressive needle biopsies? Could it be the modern mindset that moulds our belief system to accept that 2 out of 3 people are going to get cancer. It is time to wake up and see how to cure - yes, cure cancer like people have done for decades. No wonder they get thrown into jail! The good news is that it is not against the law to prevent cancer and that means taking responsibility and not trusting what Barbie and her friends are telling you about the dark side.

There is plenty of evidence that chemotherapy is not a cure for cancer. The treatment can be  dangerous and very unpleasant. Patients suffer from nasty side effects including nausea and extreme vitamin, mineral and enzyme deficiencies that cause secondary illnesses. This is a strange way to treat an iodine or a vitamin D3 deficiency that affect breast cancer as well as other types. Not many people are able to endure the treatment and because it does not address the cause of the uncontrolled cell division they become victims of what should really be called medical malpractice.Not many people are aware of a condition they call chemo brain, but ask any cancer survivor if they now suffer from increased brain fog and a failing memory?

Go BarbieCredit: Sue VisserThe pink ribbon brigade seem to be opposed to common sense.

The sisterly groups of women are obsessed with repeating phrases that turn out to be a pack of lies. They raise money to find a "cure" for cancer and they live in fear. They do not go home and study up on how breast cancer is caused and why they need to check up on their urine - years before they try to "prevent cancer early" by radiating their breasts and spending their time worrying about any lump they feel. Several years ago doctors used to tell their patients that over 90% of the lumps are not malignant. In fact, the old-fashioned take on lumps was that we all have a few and die without them ever giving a moment of trouble. So, if there is any possibility of cancer developing elsewhere, regular breast exams are not going to detect cancer of the intestines, lungs, thyroid, cervix or spine. But a simple cheap, noninvasive urine test will certainly give you a better indication. People can die from a cancer diagnosis and they can die from the treatment and yet they don't even have to have cancer. So get a proper diagnosis - not just a report read by a doctor based on what may be somebody else's sample. This has happened.

If you really want to keep away of the universal pro-cancerous mindset of the Barbie's then here are some handy suggestions. You may not agree with all of them but one or two will ring true

  • Don't get sucked into pink ribbon publicity stunts and lies
  • Nobody needs to shave their heads to fund cancer reasearch
  • Address your iodine deficiency and take iodine
  • Check on your vitamin D3 status and take supplements
  • Take the 2/16 hormone test and correct the imbalances

If you are diagnosed with cancer, get a few more opinions from other doctors who practice other forms of integrated medicine such as homeopathy or naturopathy. This is what a friend of ours did when she was "diagnosed" with cervical cancer. (Actually it was an infection of papilloma virus that was causing cell damage.) She walked out when the doctor suggested the removal of the cervix, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. The naturopath we recommended treated her with vitamin D3, Lugol's iodine and a detoxification protocol. She recovered and now has baby twins. We need to understand the ways we prevent and treat cancer. Why feed the greedy coffers of fear-based mainstream medicine? If you have definitely been diagnosed with cancer and have already consulted a number of practitioners then:

  • Try to find the direct causes: diet? environment? radio waves?
  • Do you suffer from chronic inflammation? Cancer loves that!
  • Do you take drugs that suppress the immune system?
  • Do you take HRT or steroid hormones?
  • First learn about what radiation is and all the damage it does
  • Don't get bullied into treatments - you have the right to choose
  • First investigate chemotherapy. Does it work? Mmmmm....
  • Get truthful information about alternative treatment options
  • Remember that reconstructive surgery can be painful and expensive
Plastic replacementsCredit: Sue Visser

Alternative cancer treatments can only work if they address all the causes

We need to consider our best options under the experienced eye of a practitioner who is familiar with the processes you require. Always be suspicious if the products are very expensive and you don't have to detoxify, change your diet or correct nutritional deficiencies like iodine and Vitamin D3 prior to the treatment. There are plenty of alternative mavericks and scallywags waiting to trick you into their poorly researched "snake oil" or faith drops or meditation packages. People devoted to their use also have died because their condition was not professionally monitored. It is irresponsible to pay up and hope for the best. We know that the placebo effect has a lot to do with cures for cancer. First read the package insert and if there isn't one - run a mile! We do not have a deficiency of cannabis oil, almonds, mistletoe or oleander leaves. Some of these substances can be very toxic if used irresponsibly.

According to studies mentioned on the Breast Cancer Cures website, iodine kills cancer cells and outperforms chemo drugs like Fluorouracil. At the same time it does not leave you weak and giddy. Iodine can also slow down cell division and shrink blood vessel growth to tumours and it does not kill healthy cells or destroy the immune system. Iodine reduces oestrogen dominance and desensitize oestrogen receptors in the breast. Did your doctor tell you that? No because they fail to check your iodine status quo. According to Doctor Brownstein, the biggest problem with iodine is bromide that competes for cell receptors. Bromide has a toxic effect on the system and is pro-cancerous. Common sources are in chemicals and plastics - especially the ones used for the upholstery of new cars. Beverages like Mountain Dew, he says are also full of it. His nurse bought a new car and that is how he tracked down the devastating effects of bromide.

Find out about pathogens like bacteria, viruses and mould that cause cancer

In many cases what we call cancer is due to cell damage caused by mould, viruses or bacteria. Simple testing can identify the culprits. I knew somebody who thought they had cancer and died. But when her partner presented the same symptoms they found that their house was infested with bats. Mycotoxins from the dung caused the infection that was cleared up with a few antibiotics, yet when it was labelled as a "rare" cancer it killed his wife. Did they do a urine test, a vitamin D3 test, and iodine test? You see what I mean. Some studies show that most cancer patients suffer from candidiasis. Areas in the body where there is heat and inflammation are primary targets for cancer. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs will not deal with pathogens or dietary errors that are the cause of inflammation. Cortisone shuts down the immune function that protects us from cancer. Using natural sources of vitamins and enzymes can help a lot.

Doctor Hulda Reger Clark cured her cancer patients with parasite elimination and the avoidance and detoxification of chemicals she associated with direct causes of cancer. She suggested supplementation. Did you know that chemo patients suffer from extreme vitamin deficiencies? They also have very high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Hulda and her team were forced to leave the USA and work in Mexico. Obviously because she also used effective cures for cancer the mainstream boys are still "trying" to find. Raymond Rife was a pioneer of the use of electronic treatment to kill parasites and was also persecuted by the white jackets. Don't you find it interesting that US president Ronald Regan used to go to Mexico for cancer treatments?

Telling the truth about cancer? People who do this too often are banished from fund-raising rallies, mainstream and most "alternative" health magazines, radio talks and TV shows. Developing cures for cancer and proving that they work can land you in jail. But is dying from radiation and chemotherapy acceptable?

It is also important to get rid of two-legged parasites! To me it seems to be futile to raise funds, donate our products or give out another cent to find a cure for cancer. There are plenty of cancer cures that are safe and effective. What we need to do is raise awareness about these resources. In doing this I seem to have hit the banned list as a speaker at pink ribbon rallies, breakfasts and shopping mall shavathons. I also promote the use of cancer friendly deodorants and warn them about antiperspirants and how they cause cancer. They block the outlets so they lymph glands can't expel toxins. So lumps develop around the breasts of both men and women. They hate it when I say that parabens do not cause breast cancer, but it is true. A paraben is not a steroid hormone. It a an organic acid that helps us to kill toxic mould.

The truth is inconvenient and preventing and overturning the cancer within us as well as in the collective mindset of our society is not a lazy man's job. A lot of (famous and over exposed) people prefer to wallow in sympathy and gain recognition as a patient being cared for by a team of two-legged mavericks. When the medical aid funding runs out - what then? Could they possibly turn away from their creamy cup cakes, expensive and seemingly useless drugs? Would they take some form of responsibility for their pathetic state of health?

So - is radiation and chemotherapy the best way to go?

          Really? To treat nutrient deficiencies, toxins, hormones and Nuts for breast cancerCredit: Sue Visserparasites?

At a few thousand dollars a pop it is a case of: look Ma - no hair, no recall, no energy no appetite. Empty wallet - they say I'm done.

Even if you are not familiar with what really goes on behind the scenes, you can find a lot of information on the internet and make up your own mind. Don't let a loved one die because big mainstream bullies interfere with your right to choose what would seem to be the most suitable treatment. Consider for instance,  antineoplastons to treat brain tumours. Doctor Burzynsky was regarded as a criminal. Yet he cured many types of brain cancer using a substance he discovered in urine. He produced chemicals in the laboratory that could kill cancer cells that had outwitted radiation and conventional chemotherapy. Do doctors know that chemotherapy has not been properly tested on infants and young children? It is mentioned on the label. Yet they give it as an act of benevolence, playing the role of the good ignorant doctor.

Oncologists have a strange way of upholding what Hippocrates oath. He said: "first do no harm" and "let your food be your medicine" But these doctors give their toxic medicine as food - a life-inhibiting stream of chemotherapy. Wham! Then they send you the bill.

If you are improving with natural treatment and are being well monitored then continue. But watch out for people who persit in recommending a few rounds of radiation or chemo - just in case. This is not a good idea if you are already winning the fight. Why? It could totally smash up your weakened immune system and deplete your vitality just when you are finding your way out of the cancer trap. Some of my dearly departed friends had a foot in both camps and were trapped by indecision either way. They did the mainstream stuff and tinkered around with a few supplements and dietary changes but they were already out of focus and had lost their mojo to find a better way to treat the condition. Don't let that happen somebody who asks for help.

PS: I have included my own talk  (2 x 1/2 hour ) on how cancer develops and how cells divide.

I call proper cancer control OFFCOLOGY.

I hope all this can shed some light on the situation

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