Traditional Rattan Furniture Should Only Be Used Indoors

Rattan furniture is often wrongly considered to be the same as wicker. Sales people will often speak of the two as though they were the same type of furniture. However there is a major difference which becomes more important when searching for furniture to be used out of doors.

Wicker and rattan furniture have long been favorites for indoor use. It is difficult to create the same atmosphere with any other furniture style. Wicker and rattan display old southern charm and bring back memories of trips to Appalachian Mountain retreats. Snuggling into a creaky old wicker chair or settee with large over stuffed cushions beside a roaring fire or on a patio overlooking mountain views is time well spent.

Those who have been fortunate  enough to spend leisure time in any of the Southern States or have journeyed to Caribbean islands have usually been affected by the atmosphere and charm of those wonderful old wicker creations.

However if a decision is made to purchase rattan or wicker for outdoor use at your home some care must be taken.

Rattan Furniture Is Vastly Different From Wicker

The major difference between rattan and wicker is that the rattan furniture is made from a material called rattan.

This is a hard core material available in a number of different natural colors. Wicker on the other hand is not a material but a type of construction or technique of building furniture out of many natural materials.

Over the years wicker furniture has been constructed from bamboo, willow, rattan core material rush or even straw.

Before the development of resin and other weather proof materials used to produce outdoor wicker furniture, traditional wicker furniture was used out of doors and held up relatively well if certain precautions were taken and regular maintenance was performed.

However natural rattan does not weather well and has never been recommended for outdoor use. If you are determined to purchase traditional, natural fiber wicker for outdoor use be sure you are choosing actual wicker construction and not rattan. The two are easily confused as mentioned above.

Modern Materials Make Wicker And Rattan Furniture excellent Outdoor Choices

The best choice however would be to purchase either rattan furniture or outdoor wicker furniture that has been designed for outdoor using resin materials that can handle wet weather and harsh sun rays. These items work well outdoors and indoors as well.

Of course any furniture designed for outdoor use should not be left out to weather year round in any weather with out some precautions. Wicker and rattan should be vacuumed several timeMonaco Outdoor Wicker RockerCredit: Amazons a year and given a good washing with mild soap and water then rinsed with the hose.

Take care to purchase good quality rattan furniture  or outdoor wicker furniture and you will be rewarded with years of  service. In Southern climates it is best to keep the furniture covered when possible under patio umbrellas, awnings or other shade. In Northern areas the furniture should be stored indoors during winter or during extremely wet weather.

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