Have you ever filled in a form, made a mistake and had to retype everything again? I have and it burns me. Sometimes I retype and other times I don’t – I just click away. This scenerio is played out many times in order forms that are not easy to understand. They are many ways to solve this “make me retype everything scenerio” but I only have 3 suggestions.

1. Turn a blind eye, do nothing and pretend this is not a problem that should concern you.

2. There is a lovely session variable that can be used to track your arrival at a site. It will allow a person to submit their information and if there is an error send you to an error page, BUT if you press your back button the information you just typed in is not lost and you can make changes again. This technique tends to use system resources and can affect your webserver’s performance negatively speaking.

3. Use javascript to alert the user of the error without leaving the page. For example, at my site if you make an error typing in your newsletter information on my addnewsletter page, when you press a button to submit your information and you have made an error, a box will pop up describing the error. Now all a person has to do is read the error, simply close the box, make the necessary changes and then press a button to submit their information.

You work hard to bring people to your site, hoping that they will buy onsite or willingly leave their email address so you have the opportunity to contact them at a later date. You may think this short article has nothing to do with online promotion but consider this. Word of mouth is one promotional strategy for letting other people know about your business. If you make it difficult for me to order an item from you or register for something you offer, I will tell another person about my experience at your site because I value their time. You cannot recover wasted time and in this every changing world time is precious.