Your home can be at risk of burglary, whether you are home or whether your house is empty. While door alarms are an excellent source of safety and an amazing theft deterrent, they are not the only option in home security. You have a few other choices that will further secure your home or business and reduce risk from intruders and increase safety of inhabitants. When you are leaving your household unattended, keep the simple ideas in mind in order to keep your home safe. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, request that a neighbor or friend pick up your newspapers and mail. If you will be gone for a number of weeks or months, it is also helpful to arrange to have your lawn maintained and cut, as well as your trees and bushes trimmed.

Yet another easy security measure is to ask a friend or relative who lives nearby to stop by and check that everything is still safe and secure. Quite often, automatic timers or motion sensors are applied to a home or business's lights, which is a strong preventative measure. Communicate with your relatives, close friends, and trusted neighbors that you will be gone, letting them know to alert you should anything seem strange while you're gone. You should not alter your answer machine message to make your callers aware of your unattended, nor should hide your keys on the premises. It may seem simple, but locks are very effective security measures.

A lock on all of your entry points will be a major deterrent. Be sure to use locks that are strong and withstand wear. If you are present in the home during a home invasion, you should notify the police right away. Once this is done, you and your family should quickly exit your house. Your exit point should be away from the intruder's entry point, so if they come in the front, leave through the back. Pick a safe place within a close distance that you can go to for assistance, such as a neighbor or close friend. If necessary, you and your family should hide in a safe location, but keep in mind that your movement may be restricted and make an exit difficult.

All of these security measures should be considered, though door alarms are the most effective step. A door alarm is the best deterrent and prevention tool available. Be sure that you choose a well built and functioning Door Alarms System, whatever type may suit you. Do not purchase a door alarm system from someone without a good reputation. If you take your home and your family's safety seriously, you won't just purchase a security system for anyone, right? It can help to do a little background on a company's reputation before enlisting their services. If you can find positive reviews for their service or system, you can compare them to other options you are considering.

Another resource is local law enforcement, who might be able to provide recommendations. However you do it, it is good to have some information on who you are paying and how effective their security measures are.