When someone comes to your house and tries to sell you a cleaning product, magazine subscription or vacuum cleaner what should you do? A lot of the sales are derived from high pressure tactics which guilt the person into buying the product. Elderly people and lonely people are the perfect marks for those salesman who thrive on overpriced product sales.

There are many legitimate products sold door to door but most of them have a catch. Usually the product is priced extremely high or they will try to use Pseudoscience to convince you that there water filter will clean your water.

Alarm Sales

Many people sell home alarms door to door. An average salesman can easily make 10-20,000 over 4 Sales Ladymonths during the summer selling season. Each alarm sales company uses different techniques. Home alarms are a great item to have but the salesman tend to lie. They may tell you many things such as "we are doing advertising and would like to offer you a free home alarm system in exchange for allowing us to put a small sign in your yard with the brand name of the alarm system we install". They will then charge you say $40.00 a month for the "alarm service". Over the next few years this free alarm will cost a lot more than if you had just purchased one directly.

The home alarm sales people are also notorious for name dropping. The will mention that "The Smith's and Robinson's down the street just had one of there home alarm systems installed". Never mind the fact that there are NO families named Smith or Robinson that live in your area. Some people assume that if there neighbors had one installed then it must be safe to buy from these door to door alarm salesmen.

Alarms sales jobs are very lucrative for an ambitious college student. Working 6 days a week knocking door to door will allow the alarm salesman to earn more than enough money that when they return to college in the fall they will no longer have to work during the school year.

If you are looking at getting an alarm system listen briefly to the salesman and get the name of not only the brand of alarm system they will install but also the name of the sales company he is working for. Ask him to leave and then Google the information you gathered. If you see any red flags pop up with many people stating it is a scam or they got ripped off or the company refused to honor the 3 day money back guarantee then DO NOT purchase there alarm system from them.

Alarm systems made for your home are not a scam item in general. Home alarms save many people each year from not only home invasions and burglary but also can be helpful in domestic violence situations if a man has been told from the courts to stay away from his spouse and the home. The lady of the house can then have the added safety of having a home alarm to help possibly save the life of her.

Image Credit: (Flickr/Nacmias Auto Sales)