Why settle for a bog standard door knocker when you can buy doorbell sound effects. These doorbells come pre-installed with a variety of different sound effects. This is not everyone's cup of tea though, and some people will see it as tacky. If you are fun and don't bother what people think choosing a doorbell with sound effects will be right up your street. You can now even upload your favorite songs into them, so instead of hearing an irritating door knocker or bell you can answer the door listening to your favorite piece of music.

You can even upload normal doorbell sound effects if you ever get bored of adding your own. These doorbells start off at a very cheap price, but you have got to remember if you buy cheap you get cheap. The more expensive the doorbell the better the design and materials used, you also get a much better sounding doorbell chime the more money you spend.

Most of the new model doorbell with sound effects added come wireless, making it much easier for the user to install. Installation of doorbell chime systems use to be very difficult if you wasn't a skilled diyer. These new wireless systems can have your doorbell ready to answer knockers in a matter of minutes. Whats even better most of them come with step by step installation instructions in the unlikely event that you need to use them.

Most doorbells are manufactured in white, which makes them easy to fit into anyone's house without looking out of place. The video doorbell systems seem to be all the rage at the moment, so you can see who's at the door before you answer it, how many times have you answered the door to an unwanted person. Not any more with this exciting and new technology. You can also change your Doorbell sound effect to the time of the year. What better to have Christmas carols going off when someone is at the door at xmas time.