Suprise Your Little Angel With Her Favorite Television Friend

Dora the Explorer; the young explorer with full of energy and spark, loves adventure and excitement which she shares with her friends. Little kids especially the girls loved her enthusiasm and kindness. Watching this little Explorer makes children feel like they have a trusted friend they can learn from.  Through the Links Explorer Dolls, the learning process can continue off screen.


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Dora Links School Cafeteria by Mattel

With this toy set, she plays the school cafeteria girl. This type of dress up toys expands the world of Dora and turns her into someone new. Dora is dressed up as the cafeteria girl and has complete cafeteria accessories and food pieces to make the world more realistic. Accessories can also be purchased to add more decorations into this new live animated world.

Dora the Explorer Link Doll by Mattel

This doll set gives Dora a new look. Children can now dress her up in outfits that match her personality. This comes with outfits and hair accessories like comb, brush and clips. Young girls can style her hair any way they wanted.

Nickelodeon Dora Links 12 Inch Doll with Lights and Sounds by Dora the Explorer

This doll set includes Dora’s hairbrush, bag, doll stand and USB cable so that you can connect the toy to your computer and unlock other worlds of Dora the Explorer. The doll is 12 inches high. Once this is attached to the computer, you can be able to play the various worlds and adventures of Dora. The flower necklace that this doll is wearing gives out lights and sounds. This doll set is perfect for little girls with ages 5 and up.


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Mattel Dora Links Doll

Little girls can dress up Dora with various dresses, jewelry and hair accessories. You can also change her hair length and eye color. This doll set will let your little girl’s imagination and creativity out by changing how Dora the Explorer looks like. Once this is connected to the computer, one can have access to Dora’s worlds and different adventures. You can play various games and solve mysteries with friends or the whole family.


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Mattel Dora Links Concierto Charity Concert Accessory

Dolls can never be complete if they do not have added outfits and accessories to wear. This accessory kit can turn her into  a concert artist. It includes one outfit and five fashion accessories that are related to the different roles she plays. It also includes fun and games and online interaction.

Fisher-Price Dora Links Tech Tunes Accessory Pack

Through this accessory pack, little girls can expand Dora’s world. This can be played both online and offline. This pack includes several different accessories which will also appear in the games online.

Fisher-Price Dora Links Pet Parlor Accessory Pack

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This accessory pack allows Dora to groom her pet. This can be played online or offline since most of the accessories and related adventures will appear in the online game included. The set includes several different parts in grooming a pet. You can add this accessory pack to your Dora doll and other accessories.

Dora Links School Art Room by Mattel

This toy set makes Dora be in a school art room. This will add to the worlds and different adventures that little Dora will go through. This set has lots of art accessories which can be played along with other Dora the Explorer accessories. It includes a secret code to unlock Dora’s other adventures.

Dora's Explorer Link Girls Dora doll play set by Dora the Explorer

This doll comes with one outfit and lots of accessories to use. With the online games included in this play set, you can unlock the different doors and worlds of Dora, get to play various games and dress up Dora the way you want her to be.

Dora Links School Play set by Mattel

This play set takes Dora to a school room where all accessories like chalkboard, a locker, a plant, a waste can, a trophy and a globe are included. It also has desk, chair, pencil cup, and a stack of books which makes it a perfect world for school girl Dora. This play set will allow one to solve school adventures and mysteries.

Fisher-Price Dora Links Stylin Salon Accessory Pack

Every little girl would love to have this beauty salon set for Dora the Explorer. With this, one can style Dora with hairstyles and make ups that will fit her outfit and personality. This comes with many play pieces that little girls will enjoy both offline and online.

Mattel Dora Links Cine Movie Night Accessory

Additional outfits and accessories for Dora will definitely make a little girl happy. This accessory set lets her be in a movie night. It is complete with accessories like popcorn, soda and shoes. This can even more expand the imagination of the little girls who love to dress up Dora.

Mattel Dora Links La Playa Surf and Sand Accessory

Dora can also be a sun-loving little girl with this accessory set. This lets Dora be in a summer outfit complete with accessories to make swimming, surfing and sunbathing perfect for her. This could be another great addition to your little girl’s outfit collection for Dora the Explorer.

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