Do you live with a little adventurer that dreams of being like Dora the Explorer? If yes, a Dora theme party is an awesome way to celebrate her birthday. To create the perfect one for her, you're going to need your own backpack full of Dora party supplies. In this article, you'll unearth the best choices out there, as well as some Dora theme party ideas that will help make your event as memorable as possible.

A Dora Theme Party: An Adventure In Waiting

Dora the Explorer Party Favors - 8 InvitationsDora Marquez (or just Dora for short) from the animated cartoon Dora the Explorer has taken the younger generation by storm. An eight year old herself, Dora adventures around the world seeing new things, learning about different cultures, and helping others along the way. The kids watching the program are treated to a worldly education and interactive play as Dora often asks the audience for aid using her map.

She's a perfect role model for kids, making her just as perfect to celebrate in real life if your child is a Dora fan. A Dora theme party is not only fun, it helps establish her worldliness, independence, and helpfulness in a positive light in your household. All traits worth putting up on a pedestal on your girl's birthday or during any themed party event.

Dora Party Supplies: The Essentials For Your Adventure

It's not that hard to pull off a top-notch Dora theme party. All you need are the right Dora party supplies that are sure to make the kids happy. Below are the musts that you should have to hit the theme perfectly.

Dora invitations

Getting your guests excited about the big birthday event is important! You'll want to tease your upcoming Dora party adventure well in advance using some themed invitations. There are many choices available, and don't be afraid to get creative with them. Maybe include a map, Dora-style, to your home. It adds a nice touch that the kids will definitely appreciate.

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Dora table decorations and tableware

Your little party adventurers will certainly be hungry. Expect them to gather around your central food table, so you better make sure that table is full of themed items. Dora paper plates, cups, and a table cover are a must, and look at getting a table centerpiece as well. There are many full sets of Dora tableware available, so you can cover this entire category with just one purchase. Or mix and match various graphics of Dora and her friends to add some variety to your table.

A Dora cake topper (or a homemade Dora cake)

You can't have your adventurers go hungry, especially on a birthday! A cake is a must - better yet, a themed cake. You can't go wrong with one of the many Dora the Explorer cake toppers on the market. If you are great in the kitchen, you can even make your own using a Dora cake tin. Either way, your cake is one of the stars of the day, so make sure you make the most of it.

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Child Dora WigDora wall stickers, balloons, and hanging swirls

Your space needs to look as adventurous as Dora is, and luckily you've got some excellent options to deliver on the experience. Wall stickers let you turn all of the walls in your space into a tribute to Dora and her friends, and Dora balloons and hanging swirls give your room some much needed dimension and a festive vibe! They can really turn a boring space into something pretty magical and adventurous.

Some Dora wigs

Young girls love to play the part of Dora, and a fun way to get them excited is by offering each of them a wig that makes them look like their role model. These make excellent party favors to give out at the beginning of the party. When all the girls are wearing them, they also make for some fun photo moments for the parents!

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Dora treat sacks and party favors

Dora Treat Sacks, 8ct

Treat sacks are like Dora's back pack full of goodies - every child should have one full of Dora party favors to give them a lasting memory of the event. You could add to the fun by hiding party favors around your space and giving the girls maps and clues to help them discover their locations. This way filling their treat sacks becomes a mini-adventure! It's an excellent activity to add some interactivity to the party without using traditional party games. Plus this event, too, makes for some great photo opportunities.

With these essentials, you're certain to have a blast creating a Dora theme party on your child's next birthday. But don't overlook many of the other fantastic Dora party supplies that can give your adventure a lot of color and excitement. They'll help you turn your party into a one-of-a-kind experience, just like the adventures Dora has every week.