When it comes to buying a Dora dollhouse there are many different ones on the market. The items and features of each of these toys varies as does the price tag with them. If you have been watching toy commercials recently, you will notice that the Dora and Me Dollhouse has started to become more popular.


This Dora dollhouse is one that can easily be folded up and stored in the house. This is very important as many times choosing to purchase one of these types of toys can mean that a big area of a room will be taken up even if it is not being played with.

Dora and Me Dollhouse
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Dora and Me Dollhouse Features

There are many features that make this one of the top selling toys of the season. The first thing that this toy focuses on is making your child feel like she is part of the action. The commercials show girls feeling like they are heading over to Dora house for a play date.

This is a great part of this toy. Many times when you are playing with dolls, it is easy to pretend that you are not part of the action. This does not have to be the case with this item.


There is a great craft table inside that your child can use to pretend to create crafts on this special play date. Once the crafting time is over, the table easily converts to a place to serve tea.


Another nice thing to notice with the Dora and Me Dollhouse is that it comes with many accessories. The first thing that is very important is the Dora dolls that you will get. Inside of the box is Dora, Papi, Mami, and Perrito.


There is some dollhouse furniture included as well. You will get a bed, couch, oven, sink, craft table, and two stools.

Dora Dollhouse Furniture Deluxe Bedroom Set
Credit: Amazon

Dora and Me Dollhouse Accessories

While this toy comes with everything that your child needs to get started with play, there are additional accessories that can be purchased in order to expand the play. There are some great dollhouse furniture packs as well as dolls that you can check out.


Deluxe Bedroom Set


The Dora dollhouse furniture includes this great deluxe bedrooms set that is pictured above. This great for pretending to have slumber parties over at Dora’s house. The set includes a trundle bed that is perfect for sleepovers. There is vanity table with a stool as well.


Living Room


The living room furniture for this Dora dollhouse will have everyone wanting to hang out in front of the TV. In the set is a chair and foot stool. The rug can be moved around to allow your child to feel like she gets to decorate. The coffee table can have the additional munchies and drinks set out on it to watch the TV that comes with the set.


This is just a couple of the accessory packs that can be purchased to go along with the Dora and Me Dollhouse. Any fan of Dora the Explorer is going to love this toy. It has everything that is needed to spend hours visiting and playing with your child’s favorite character. The great thing is that shopping for this toy set is simple when you find all of the Dora dollhouse and accessories in stock at Amazon now!


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