The latest in mini dog breeding is without a doubt the Dorkie, and with a name like that how could you not want one? The breed is of course not a purebred, but a mix between Dachshund's and Yorkshire Terriers. On the western parts of North American the Dorkie has been gaining in popularity and breeders are jumping on the money making opportunity. These designer dogs have got the cute going on and owners love the easy going nature of the Dorkie.

The Dachshund and the Yorkshire Terrier are similar dogs in regards to size and how their personalities are. An adult Dachshund weighs anywhere between 15-28 pounds while a Yorkshire Terrier will be, on average, about 7 pounds as an adult. Dorkies find their weight range to be between 5 and 15 pounds. Despite their small sizes, the Dachshund and the Yorkshire Terrier were originally bred to be hunters. So you can imagine that they still have some of their hunting instincts in tact even though most Dorkie's would barely hurt the wings on a fly.

There has been a large number of breeders popping up lately so you shouldn't have to look far to nab one of these adorable dogs. They make for a great dog for kids because they have about the same energy supply, are very easy going and love to play with kids. Knowing that the Dachshund is a loyal companion, and the Yorkshire Terrier is an energetic and often noisy creature. The temperament of a Dorkie leans more towards the Dachshunds submissive attitude. Although, a Dorkie will bark incessantly at any foreign organism in their perceived territory. Despite their outward aggression, they are not known to attack humans or other dogs.

There are not too many health problems known yet with the breed, but so far my girlfriend's Dorkie has shown no signs of major problems. It will be interesting to see over the next few years if anything major comes up, so make sure to keep up on the infortmation for your dog's sake. Since the Dorkie is small you only have to worry about it escaping through small holes in your yard fence, or getting ahold of small objects it can choke on.

Remember to stay away from mall pet stores and stick with caring local breeders who do not farm their dogs. Your best bet is looking on Craigslist in your local area, or using Google to find a Dorkie breeder near you. I also recommend checking out this link to find a long list of legit and reputable Dorkie breeders.

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