What Laundry Supplies Should Be on Your Dorm Packing List?

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Unless you have full time live in help like Carol Brady did  (ah, good old Alice), doing the laundry is one of the things that we are all forced to do at some point-usually when there is no clean underwear left to wear.  Yes, washing your clothes is one of those chores that cannot be avoided.

Although some colleges do offer a laundry service so their student body can focus on studying, most do not have this luxury convenience.  Therefore, without dear old mom to do it for them, collegians need to learn how to wash their own clothes between weekend visits home.

When Should You Teach Your Kids to do Their Own Laundry?

Children Need to be Responsible

Young children actually like to help adults around the house.  Toddlers and preschoolers can be a part of any chore.  In fact, it is imperative that you give them things to do for several reasons.

First, it teaches them independence.  Young children like to be able to do things for themselves, as it makes them feel like a big kid or even a grown-up (I can take out the trash just like Daddy!  I can fold the clothes just like Mommy!) Oftentimes, adults find it easier to do things themselves, as the job can be done more quickly and done properly the first time.  There is a lack of patience on the part of the grown up.

Secondly, children need to learn responsibility.  Just because mom stays at home to take care of things, it does not mean that she is responsible for everything in the house.  At a certain point, children need to learn how to do basic things, like doing the laundry.

While there is “right” age to teach a child how to do laundry, it should not come as a lesson the week before they head off to college.  You may wind up having to replace clothing that they have ruined because they did not launder it properly.

Laundry Hampers Versus Laundry Bags

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While many teens are pigs and leave their rooms in such a state that parents keep the door shut or else go they go crazy from the site of the mess, that cannot be the case when a child leaves for college.  Sharing a tiny room with one or more people means that common courtesy must be practiced.  Leaving clothes on the floor, across desks, under the bed, or anywhere else for that matter is simply rude to the other people sharing your space.

Hampers and laundry bags are places to keep dirty clothing until it is time to wash them.  

Tie Dye Hamper

Collapsible Laundry Hamper Tie Dyed
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If your child loves tie dye as much as mine does,then this is a hamper that she will love in her dorm room. It matches just about any color her roommate will have!

Drying Racks Are a Must

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While it is tempting to put everything into the dryer and be done with laundry for the next few weeks, that is not a practical option.  Girls in particular will have clothing that requires air drying or else it will get ruined.  Clothes also last longer when they are air dried.

A collapsible portable dryer is the solution to your air drying needs.   I still use the same one I did in college every time I do laundry, so you could say my parents got their money's worth!

Another Drying Rack Option

Honey-Can-Do DRY-01610 Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack, White
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This rack can hang up just about anything your child needs to have dried, including shoes that get soaked in the rain because she left her rainboots at home.