Dorm Room Cooking Made Easy With Simple Dorm Room Recipes

Amidst all the excitement of going away to college, making new friends, staying in a dorm and enjoying new found freedom, food takes a back seat for a while. That is until college students start getting sick to their stomachs of the same old, same old, cafeteria food. Vending machine snacks, fast food burgers and fries, and subway sandwiches lose their thrill; students begin feeling sluggish and heavy, and the yearning for a good home-cooked meal starts taking precedence over all else and it's time to discover how to do some good dorm room cooking with basic dorm room recipes armed with a good dorm room cookbook.

Does the situation described here sound familiar? Keep reading to find out what you need to do to stop feeling pudgy, stop craving home-cooked meals, and start taking control of your life by making your own tasty dorm room recipes.

Before you begin cooking in the dorms, you need to make an effort to learn the rules and regulations of your college or university. There will be safety guidelines to follow, basic cooking equipment to buy and clean-up operations to be studied. There are some schools that ban dorm room cooking altogether, so make sure you find out where your university stands on the issue of cooking in the dormitory.

Make sure to equip your dorm room with the basics: microwave, refrigerator, induction stove and a few basic cooking utensils like a rice cooker or crockpot.  We want to make some good dorm room recipes - not just figure out how to make a grilled cheese sandwich using an iron.

Dorm Room Recipes - The Dorm Room Diner Cookbook

Dorm Room Cookbook

Rule of thumb for dorm room cooking is to keep it simple. It may not be a bad idea to invest in a couple of good dorm room cookbooks with easy to prepare dorm room recipes.  The Dorm Room Diner Cookbook is an excellent choice for any college student struggling to cook dorm room meals with limited kitchen appliances.  The Dorm Room Diner can be instantly downloaded or you can get the paperback version.

Alternatively, get your cooking inspiration off the internet.  There are some great rice cooker recipes on Rice Cooker Fetish which are easy to make in a dorm room like this easy to make Macaroni and Cheese recipe for the rice cooker.  A rice cooker is an ideal appliance for a dorm room as it's so versatile.  You can make a wide variety of dorm recipes with it from soups, pasta, steamed vegetables, even cakes and bread - and of course rice.  There are also good rice cooker cookbooks available.

There are a wide range of ingredients you can keep handy to whip up a simple dorm room meal whenever the hunger bug strikes. Load up on cereals, milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, pasta, rice, instant soups and oatmeal, canned tuna, and all your favorite yummy stuff.

Simple Dorm Room Recipes

There are loads of easy to prepare dorm room recipes that require only a wee bit of creativity and some manual dexterity in opening a can or two. Try this one, it’s so simple and you will love it – slice bagels in half and toast to your personal preferred toastiness.  Put a slice of cheese on the hot, toasted bagel, so it melts. Top with store bought shredded roast chicken pieces and you’ve got yourself a great snack. Combine with soup and salad and you have a great meal ready without too much effort.

Bagels are a great meal maker – you can top them with just about anything from roasted meats to smoked salmon for an enjoyable feast. If you wish to try out your culinary skills, dorm room recipes for stir fry dishes are a great way to cook healthy food without too much fat and little effort. Wheat pastas are a healthy source of protein and fiber and can be combined with all kinds of meats and vegetables.

In the mood for pancakes, not a problem, simply pick up a carton of pre-made pancake mix; add the required quantities of water, milk, egg and essence or cinnamon powder. Mix together and pour onto a hot griddle for your very own dorm room pancakes.

One of the key rules in dorm room cooking is to make sure no food is left uncovered or lying around once you are done cooking. Clean your rice cooker or other kitchen appliances after each use and keep your room free of crumbs and leftovers to keep insects, bacteria and rats at bay. 

There's really no end to the dorm room meals and snacks that you can make once you start getting creative and use a good cookbook with practical dorm room recipes.  Having control over what and when you eat helps you to feel more at home, even when you're living far from home in the dorms. Good luck in your dorm room cooking adventure!