After a car accident happens, one of the most important things that you need to acquire is money. You will need it not only to pay for your hospital bills and medicines, but also to sustain your daily needs while you are still recovering.

However, you might encounter problems when dealing with the other party's insurance company, especially if it refuses to give you the amount of money that you deserve. In order to increase your chances of being compensated properly, you should follow these do's and don'ts:


  • Read tips on how to negotiate with the other party's insurance company. Be prepared if ever the insurance adjuster offers you a low amount of settlement pay. Although you are the victim in the crash, it is natural that he will offer you a low amount because he wants to prevent the insurance company from releasing too much money. After you were informed of the adjuster's initial offer, you will decide if you are going to accept it or not.
  • Know how much settlement pay you are supposed receive by looking at different factors like the injury you sustained and the trauma you have suffered because of it. Before you talk to an adjuster, you should already know the amount of money you will likely need for your medical and personal needs.
  • Get and compile all the necessary details regarding the crash. If you can, you should also take pictures of your injuries and damaged vehicle in order to emphasize the effects of the accident. The adjuster may agree to give you the amount you are asking for if he sees that you have suffered from losses due to the incident.
  • Document all your meetings and conversations with the insurance adjuster because it might serve as evidence later on.
  • File your car accident claim as soon as possible. You might lose your right to take legal action if you failed to follow the statute of limitations on car accident cases.


  • Let the adjuster dictate the outcome of the settlement. You should not be afraid to tell your opinions during the settlement talks.
  • Admit that you are fault in the accident. Remember, admitting any type of liability means smaller compensation.
  • Agree to the settlement amount that is being offered by the adjuster, unless you are sure that it will be enough for you.

If you encounter problems while negotiating with the insurance adjuster, you are entitled to seek legal guidance from a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. He will study the circumstances surrounding the accident as well as the evidence you have gathered in order to determine the amount of money that should be given by other driver's insurance company.