This is a new method that has been used to make more money because they are able to charge more per treatment due to the increased volume of drugs that go into YOUR body to treat breast cancer. 

They use this method to shorten the time between chemotherapy treatments giving them the opportunity to drug you even further.

The drug companies have done their so called studies and they claim that this treatment has been better for the women whose cancer has spread into the lymph nodes. The reason they claim this to be better is because of the shorter time frame it takes to go through the series.

But we know it is because they make twice as much due to the higher doses given and know that you will live at least long enough to get the whole series. The dose dense chemo is now being used because of more new drugs that take care of the serious side effects of this type of therapy, which means, more money for them and less for you.

Dose dense chemotherapy causes a very big problem. This problem is called Neutropenia. This is a condition that damages the white blood cells making you very susceptible to infections.

So basically, it destroys your body’s immune system. This is a serious side effect, one that can kill you before the cancer has a chance to.

You as a cancer patient cannot take the risk of having this to deal with on top of the cancer. There has been a drug developed that claims to be able to prevent this from happening to you.

They claim that this drug, taken with the dose dense chemotherapy, will prolong the life your life or the woman fighting with breast cancer.

They claim studies show an 82% survival rate after 4 years with women who have used the dose dense chemotherapy. They count this as survival without breast cancer recurring, in my opinion this does not count those because of the chemo, but in spite of it.

Those that have used the traditional chemotherapy have a 75% survival rate cancer free. What the studies are looking at is not the survival rate, but that there was no recurrence of the cancer.

Dose dense chemotherapy in breast cancer patients is showing a possible 31% higher survival rate with no recurrence than those that are treated with traditional methods. Where are the studies that show those who survive without chemo but with alternative methods instead?

The side effects are not greater than that of the traditional regimen, and they claim that the chance of Neutropenia is lower because of the additional drugs that are taken during the treatment.

This is not the only way to treat breast cancer or cancers in general, but they “claim” it is has made a difference in helping those women who don’t have any other options.