Cheap, almost free with a coupon.
Unlimited domain names & storage space.


Poor customer service.
Confusing for the first time web builder.

Full Review

Dot 5 hosting usually has some stellar coupons out that beat all of the competition. It seems like an easy way to put up a website or blog for the beginner. However, the old adage you get what you pay for is usually true. Some of their pitfalls are true of any hosting companies, but many are unique to this web host. Here is my experience with Dot 5 hosting, the good, the bad & the ugly.

The Good:

They are pretty much the cheapest web host around. This is where their attraction lies. You might not think that you can afford your own website. However, before you choose any host, shop around a little bit. It might be worth it to spend a few dollars more a month on a company that doesn't have such negative reviews.

Unlimited features. Dot 5 hosting is one of the few hosts I know of that does this. Currently you can house unlimited domain names & have unlimited storage space.

It's pretty easy to install a Wordpress blog at Dot 5 hosting. It's as simple as clicking a few buttons, but it's a lot more difficult to maintain your blog.

The Bad:

I think the biggest downfall of Dot 5 hosting is simply the customer service. They offer 24 hour support. However, many of the support staff can't help you beyond the most basic of problems. I was always experiencing downtime on my blogs & could never get a straight answer as to why.

You might be tempted by their free website builders & templates. It seems like an easy, entry level way to get started in virtual real estate. These templates are virtually useless. It's definitely not for the beginner because you won't get a lot of help setting things up. I had several years experience making my own websites, but I found their setup difficult to navigate.

Be prepared to do your own upgrades. This was a huge problem & why I eventually left Dot 5 hosting. While it's easy to install a Wordpress blog, it's difficult to do the necessary upgrades. At the time I was hosting with them, fantastico wasn't available. This meant that every time the software had a security issue I had to upgrade manually which would take me several hours. Since I have a lot of blogs, this took me all day. Now that I'm with a web host that uses fantastico it only takes a few minutes.

Make your own backups. I was worried about security issues & asked technical support if they made regular backups. They said that they had very secure servers so it wasn't necessary. Now their website says they do regular backups, so double check.

Beware of the free domain name. This is offered "forever". However, it's only as long as you choose to host with Dot 5 hosting. You might have trouble taking control of your domain name after that.

In Closing

Overall, I didn't feel like I got what I needed from Dot 5 hosting & eventually made the switch. I didn't have the peace of mind that I needed with this webhost, but I may just be a big World Wide Web worry wart.