If you are looking for a double bass drum set, here are some useful tips for you. A double bass drum set is becoming quite popular among drummers due to the influence of the drummers from famous bands such as Metallica, The Who, zzTop and Motley Crue. This set-up is quite similar to the regular set-up, except that it has a double bass instead of a single one in the drum set. While they are commonly used in heavy metal and hard rock styles of playing, you could also use them for other types of music such as puck and jazz.

If you are a beginner, starting off with a double bass drum set is a bad idea. They are hard to coordinate because of the simultaneous leg movements you have to make on both pedals. As simple as it may sound, they are not easy to play and it takes years of experience before being able to handle a double bass drum set. You should only consider buying one once you have learnt the basics and can play fairly well. Buying one earlier would only kill your interest in ever playing the percussions again.

The double bass drum set is divided into two main categories, the acoustic version and the electronic version.

Acoustic Double Bass Drum SetDouble Bass Drum Set

The acoustic version is the type that you commonly see during concerts or stage performances. These are the original bulky percussion instruments which gives you the natural sound that they are famous for. With the acoustic double bass drum set; the noise created would be even louder compared to the regular 5 piece sets, so you should consider getting an acrylic shield to confine the noise.

Electronic Double Bass Drum Set

The electronic version on the other hand, is a more modern upgrade of the conventional drums. They make use of pads which senses the force of the stroke and transforms them into soundwaves. These waves are then transmitted to a speaker which converts them to the sound. These sets are more compact compared to the acoustic type and are more versatile. You could easily change the type of sound you want to create, such as jazz, rock or ballad just by changing the mode on the main controller. You could also control the volume of the noise emitted by using the volume knob.

Where to Buy a New Double Bass Drum Set?

The most popular set-up is the 8 piece double bass drum set. Searching for a it is harder compared to a regular one because of the more complicated set-up. However, it is not impossible to find yourself a good deal on these drums. Here is a list of popular places to buy a double bass drum set.

Amazon.com - Amazon is an excellent place to start your search for a double bass drum set. They have quite a few models for you to choose from all at cheap prices. Take for example this Diablo Death Punx 7 piece double bass drum set by ddrum. The retail price is $1499, but you are able to buy it at $299 on Amazon. That's a huge saving of 80%. It even comes with free shipping, so there is no additional money to fork out. They also sell a wide range of pedals for these sets, so feel free to browse the selection that they have.

Nextag.com - Another site for you to look for an 8 piece double bass drum set is on Nextag. This site is similar in concept to the Amazon store. Amazingly, they also have a wide selection for you to choose from as they carry brands such as Pearl, Pulse, Mapex and Sonor. You could even get easy payment schemes on selected products to make them more affordable to budding drummers.

Music Stores - With the advancement of the internet, most people have neglected the existence of physical music stores. These stores may be a good place to buy a double bass drum set because you are able to test it out before buying. There is a common misconception that buying from these physical stores might cost you more. While true in some cases, you might be able to purchase one at a bargain because of the tight competition in the market. They might even throw in free classes if you buy the double bass drum set from them.

Where to Buy a Second Hand Double Bass Drum Set?

eBay.com - You can get a used double bass drum set from eBay. You can search for them from sellers all around the world who might be selling their sets at a cheap price. With this site, it is almost certain that you would be able to buy one at ridiculously low prices, especially if the auction has few bidders. You could also get a new one made in China which will cost you much less compared to branded ones. You would however need to take note of the shipping charges because of the bulkiness and weight of the drums. Also check the sellers' feedback score before buying to ensure that you are buying from a legitimate source.

Musician Friends - Another source that people always forget is their friends. You may have musician friends who play in a band. Ask around, as you may never know if they are looking to sell their double bass drum set to upgrade to a better one. The power of social connections is something not to be overlooked. Even if your friends do not play in a band, they might have friends who do and those people might know other people who want to sell theirs. Put the word out and you may be surprised by the results you get.

Magazines - There are quite a few magazines specializing in drums. Often, they would have a section advertising used instruments for sale. Check them out to see whether anyone is selling their double bass drum set. You could also hop onto their online forums and find sellers. With these magazines, you would be dealing with like-minded people, making your search easier.

As you can see, there are actually quite many places where you can buy a double bass drum set at a discounted price. With proper research, you would definitely be able to find yourself a good deal.