Double blade ice skates for toddlers are not only cute; they are made to give your toddler a good base of balance for stability on the ice. Since it takes time for “balancing” muscles to develop in small kids, skates with double runners help them get in shape for single-blade models. Does having two blades to balance on make it harder to get used to single runner models? There are differing opinions about that subject, so it is up to the personal choice of the parent.  

Learning how to skate well is a process. Few people can just grab a pair of skates and hop out onto the ice looking like a Nancy Kerrigan Olympic champion.

Double Blade Ice Skates For Toddlers Can Get A 2-Year Old Out On The Ice

 While it is not always easy to maintain your balance when ice skating as an adult, it can be very challenging for toddlers who want to accompany their parents out onto the ice. However, don’t be surprised if your two year old starts skating better than you do! Kids have less fear of falling than grown-up beginners do.

 As parent, you want your child to not only feel comfortable and at ease while skating along with you, but to have as much safety from injury as possible. Double blades are less prone to feel wobbly for a newbie ice skater. It is a lot of fun to have your toddler at your side and see the wonderful expression on their face as they learn to skate for the first time. These types of skates are made just for beginners or for people who feel insecure about maintaining balance on those super-skinny looking blades.

 Double Blade Ice Skates For Toddlers Can Be Customized

 Because going to the rink is such a wonderful way to enjoy quality family time, manufacturers make models in tiny toddler sizes so everybody can enjoy the sport of skating.  Most of these models are constructed with easy-to-adjust straps and blade positioning for a perfect fit.  Some have carbon steel interiors that support the child’s ankle to prevent injuries. Of course, every manufacturer has its own features when it comes to children’s skates.

 Popular Double Blade Skates For Toddlers To Check Out

 If you are looking for reputable brand-name skates for small kids, there are a few manufacturers that make mini-sized beginner blades with good-quality construction. Some are mLittle Rocket Double Blade Toddler Ice SkatesCredit: to strap on over street shoes. Others, like the American Little Rocket skates, are worn alone. You can check out the American Little Rocket reviews on Amazon.

 How does a parent choose the best-rated double blade skates for toddlers? Truthfully, there are not many companies that make real skates with two runners that fit  toddlers. One supplier that is worth looking into is Baby Skates. The videos on this site of tiny, cute toddlers on the ice wearing Baby Skates is inspiring!

Of course,  you should choose a model that fits well, provides maximum support, has a positive reputation in the world of sporting goods for kids and is affordable for your family budget.



Your Kid Will Zoom Like A Rocket Across The Ice

Gets a 4-star out 5-star product rating on Amazon

The American Little Rocket comes in styles suitable for both boys or girls. I love the name the manufacturer came up with: Little Rocket. The amazing thing about this name is that kids really do go across the ice as fast as rockets when they gain balance and experience on the rink.