Choosing and Caring for a Double Bridge Piercing

Single Bridge PiercingCredit: By Nikki_Benz.jpg: (w:User:Tabercil/Luke Ford permission) derivative work: Jan Polák (Nikki_Benz.jpg) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsBody and nose piercings such as the bridge, also commonly known as Erl or Earl piercings, have become a pretty popular choice in body modification. This style of surface piercing has become common among men and women of all ages but appears to be most popular with the teenage and young adult crowds. 

Unlike some other common piercings (or uncommon piercings), you can't just go out and get one as they are not right or possible for everyone. In order to get this style of piercing done there needs to be enough fleshy skin over the bridge of the nose. You are also not likely to get both of these piercings done at the same time (see risks and concerns for more information).


Double Bridge Piercing: Jewelry   

Initially when you first get pierced it is important to pay extra special attention to the type of jewely you choose to use.

The first important consideration is the type of material used to make the jewelry. Choose wrong and you can end up facing a higher risk of infection, rejection, piercing migration and staining of the skin. Your best bet is to choose a hypoallergenic jewelry made up of stainless steel although some piercers may recommend titanium, 14k gold or niobium. Discuss this step with the piercing artist who will be more aware of the risks caused by choosing the wrong body jewelry. 

Types and styles of jewelry recommened for a bridge or double bridge piercing are a straight barbell or surface bar. These are the only types that will help minimize the risk of rejection (common with this type of piercing) and serious out growth or migration. 

It is also important to note that jewelry for a nose piercing such as the double (or single) bridge piercing can not be changed frequently and will often entail the aid of a piercer. For those who are going to want to change out the barbell or bar they will usually have to wait until healing has completed and typically no more often than 1 time a year. 


Double Bridge Piercing: After Care

A fresh piercing, as well as any body modification including tattoo's, will most likely be accompanied by strict instructions or a pamphlet on after care. However, double bridge piercings are much like every other body modification that involves a break in the skin and body jewelry: avoid and direct trauma, aggrevation or tension on the pierced location; keep it clean, wash carefully with clean water and an anticeptic cleaner or antibacterial soap (check first before using any old cleaner to cleanse the area as some can cause more aggrevation); keep the area dry by swabbing it with a cotton ball or cotton swab (being careful not to leave behind bits of cotton).


Double Bridge Piercings: Risks and Concerns 

Migration: This is common in bridge piercings and one of the reasons having a double bridge piercing done at once is not likely to be accomodated. It can take months for the jewelry to settle as the skin is going to naturally adjust and take time to heal and get use to this "intrusion". This means that the piercing can end up lower or even off center to it's original placement.

Rejection: As with any surface piercing the risk of rejection is high. This can happen naturally but is even more likely to happen if the wrong jewelry is used, proper after care is not taken or if there is any trauma experienced in the area after being pierced. This is often what is referred to when the barbell, ring or bar is forced out of the skin. 

Infection: A double bridge piercing -- or any piercing or action that causes a break in the skin for that matter -- is going to be at risk for infection. Often times this can be prevented or limited by following after care instructions for proper cleaning and handling, selecting the right body jewelry and paying attention to the healing progress. 

Scarring: Scarring from a double (or single) bridge piercing can occur with serious migration, infection or rejection. The best way to prevent this is to pay attention to how your body responds to the piercing and contact your body mod professional if anything seems off or odd. 

Watch to See an Actual Bridge Piercing