An online buddy of mine and I have been really spinning our wheels over the term "Purple Elephant Bunny Magic" and how to double index in Google while simultaneously dominating the SERPs. Now obviously the point of the exercise is to take a term that has little relevance in the real world so that it becomes quite easy to see how Google can be influenced by on-page SEO and backlinks.

Sure, I'd like to think that million of people will be searching for Purple Elephant Bunny Magic and will be finding our respective sites bringing us both infinite riches and residual income and I'd be hard pressed to see this not happening. You see catching a phrase that has low competition can truly be a spring board for similar terms with more competition. Once you are trusted for the term Purple Elephant Bunny Magic then it may make it much easier to rank for terms like purple elephant or bunny magic.

This is significant because (without checking Adwords) I'm sure people search for both of these terms. The first might be for people searching for stuffed animals, i.e. purple elephants. This may even have some commercial appeal because people do have to buy stuffed animals. The second phrase may be people searching for the term bunny magic, i.e. budding magicians. This may offer some commercial appeal to people selling magic equipment and books. Who knows, there may even be an industry for trained bunnies used in magic. What do I know.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure this article is slightly longer than is required for InfoBarrel and though I'm not sure it will do much for my residual income anytime soon I guess time will only tell. My goal here is not after all to reach number one for purple elephant bunny magic with this article but to springboard my main blog to number one and possibly take up spots nine and ten with some more double indexing if I can get it.

If you are interested in learning more about double indexing and how to double index in Google try going after nonsense phrases like these on your blogs and web properties. See what you can learn from your efforts and shoot for tougher ones as you become more familiar with the process. Shoot I may even see what it takes to get some triple indexing. I've seen it before but never achieved it myself. Hit up the comments with your thoughts.