There are a great variety of double jogging strollers available that can meet the needs of every jogger and every budget. Whether you are a exercise fanatic or like to have a stroller that can conquer all surfaces, a double jogging stroller is probably the best bet. With so many options available, here is a brief description of the most popular brands and their best features.

Baby Jogger: These double jogging strollers were invented over 20 years ago and have time to get it right. They have all terrain models and boost a front swivel wheel to offer better maneuverabilty. You can find them with a variety of sized wheels so that depending on the seriousness of your jogging, you can get you need according to your exercise routine. The City Series offers the greatest of ease of a one hand fold.

Baby Trend: These double jogging strollers offer swivel locking wheel for easy manuevering, five point harness and reclining seats. They are known to be easy to offer a quick and easy fold. They have a tray with cup holders. They sell for about half the cost of the higher end double jogging strollers and can be a great bargain.

BOB Jogging Strollers: BOB, an acronym for Beast of Burden, in itself lets you know the type of double jogging stroller that you are going to get. They pride themselves on high performance and their state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system to give the smoothest ride for your baby. Their front wheel swivels and can be front locked for ultimate safety when running. Their padded seats recline so that they can be used for an infant and up. They also have generous storage space.

Chariot: This brand from Canada has an aluminum frame, impressive adjustable handbars, wide reclining seat and good storage. If you are equally fond of running and biking, the Chariot Cabriolet can be used as a jogger and bike trailer. It's a great deal for your money.

Dreamer Design: These joggers offer many of the same features of other double jogging strollers, however, they are known for having a great canopy for shielding out the sun and other weather conditions. They also offer styles that can run about $100 less than others, so it's a great bargain for a durable jogger.

InStep: This is another model that can be bought for a reasonable price. They fold nicely for easy storing, have drink trays and come with a bug screen. Depending on the model, most have a steel frame and reclining seats.

Schwinn: These strollers offer an aluminum wheels, quick release for easy storage, great sun protection and shock protection when running or when the ground is bumpy. The storage space is adequate underneath and you can keep your drinks on top at the handlebars.

Tike Tech: Their Double Trouble jogger is known as being one of the least expensive available in the higher end models. They are made of aluminum, have mountain bike tires, removable sun visors and a fully reclining seat.

There are certainly more double jogging strollers out there, but take one of the above for a test drive and you'll find you won't have to go too far for what you are looking for.