So this is you and your girl, having a walk in Paris, and suddenly it starts to rain (normal, it’s February). But you had overseen this and brought your foldable umbrella, and in a romantic gesture towards your girl, you open it and cover both of you, holding the umbrella yourself. What you don’t know is: yes, you are dry, but what about her? She is next to you and you’re carrying it on the side that is closer to her. Mathematically, if you are carrying it on your left hand, and she’s grabbing your left arm, it is closer to you than it is to her. So yes, you are being all nice and everything, but your girl is getting wet, and worst of all, her new French-style coiffure is getting soggy. All because of you.

So this is a girls’ revelation for all of the romantic-to-be guys that bring (and hold) the umbrella: WE-ARE-GETTING-WET. The good news is: now there is a solution so that you won’t have to change your umbrella technique and we girls won’t get wet (and potentially have our hairstyle ruined). It’s the double umbrella!

Double Umbrella (Navy)
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(price as of Apr 17, 2016)

What is it?

The double umbrella consists of two umbrella sides that merge at the center of it. So there’s one handle (for the man to carry, of course) but two umbrellas (to experience similar dryness conditions on both sides). As an umbrella, it properly avoids the water to fall on anyone under it.

How does it work?

It’s exactly like a normal umbrella (it folds into the size of a normal one), except that it serves the purpose of covering two people with only one “suffering hand”. Opens and folds. Simple.

Can I get a pink one?

You mean to cover your cat? Or maybe for a hangout with friends. I don’t think your boyfriend wants to carry a pink one around, especially if he’s not with you (although I don’t think you will want him to walk around alone with a “free” space under the umbrella, he can look incredibly cute to other girls). No, you can’t get a pink one, but there’s black, red and blue.

Are these genetically modified umbrellas?

Yes they appeared by adaptive evolution. Single umbrellas reproduce asexually, so you get two for the price of one. That’s what they do at night in the stores. You just need to be there at the right place and the right time.

Large Lovers Umbrella Extended- 44.5" X 36" X 24"
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(price as of Apr 17, 2016)
Then there's also the oversized version, which is more like a siamese twin umbrella. Although by the picture, you could say they are spies...