Having a double chin is something we sometimes develop later in life as we get older. Or maybe you've always had it and it effects your self-confidence in your appearance. Both men and women can likely develop a double chin without being overweight. Usually its genetics and runs in the family. If you look at your mom or dad and notice they have a turkey neck, then you'll see that it was passed on to you. Double chin reduction surgery has its pros and its cons. It's a big decision to make when deciding to have cosmetic surgery. I personally would never do it, but that's just me. We all have our own decisions to make and personal choices that we feel is best. If your physical appearance truly makes you miserable, then maybe it is something you should consider.

Before you decide on double chin reduction surgery, first you should consider all of your alternative options. If having a double chin isn't that big of a deal, then I'd avoid the procedure. A double chin isn't the worst physical feature one can have. Double chin reduction can be quite expensive too. Double chin reduction is usually done by what is known as liposuction. Double chin liposuction is very similar to stomach and thigh liposuction. Liposuction removes fat buildup in a particular area. There are a variety of different liposuction procedures that can be used for double chin reduction. Before you decide what to do, let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of double chin reduction surgery.

Double chin reduction surgery: pros vs cons

Pros: There has been progress made in the medical science world of double chin reduction surgery. Double liposuction is suppose to be painless compared to other cosmetic surgeries. Once the procedure is done your double chin is gone instantly. You don't have to wait months for to get rid of your double chin. If the procedure has gone successfully, right away you'll have a firmer chin line. The pros of double chin reduction can be a dream come true if it goes successfully. Sometimes it's hard to weigh the pros and cons. It can depend on your jaw structure, along with the cosmetic surgeon. There have been very successful double chin surgical procedures. Like anything when it comes to surgery, it is a risk that you must take. Any cosmetic surgeon will tell you the same thing, no matter how great the procedure has been for others. Surgery is always a risk.

Cons: Double chin reduction surgery can still be an extremely painful procedure, even if there's been medical advances in liposuction and any other surgical procedure used today. You might not be able to eat solid foods for awhile. Pain can last for days to weeks even. You'll likely have stitches, bruising, and potential scarring. There might be some alignment done with your chin if you needed cosmetic chin surgery, which might not even compliment the look of your face. Although liposuction removes fat and doesn't reshape your jaw or chin. Some people require a reshaped bone structure in their face to reduce a double chin for appearance. Or chin implants might be needed in some cases if one requires a stronger chin.

There's no guarantee double chin surgery, or liposuction will make you look more attractive. Also, don't believe the hype about cosmetic surgery being the only way to get rid of a double chin. You might go online, or talk to a cosmetic surgeon, and they might tell you that surgery is the only way to reduce a double chin. That's not true at all. Cosmetic surgeons want your money, so naturally they'll tell you their method is the only thing that works in reducing a double chin. The neck area when built up of fat, just like any other part of the body can be reduced with exercises and healthier eating habits.

Double chin reduction costs

Double chin reduction won't cost you pennies, and its definitely not a cheap procedure. It's very expensive and can cost as high as $5,000-$10,000, or more. Depending on the surgeon. You want the best cosmetic surgeon and they can cost more money when getting a double chin surgery. You don't want a cheap surgeon, and end up with a facial disaster. This is your physical appearance after all. You want the best surgeon possible to minimize side effects, scarring, pain, or any chance the double chin procedure goes wrong and you end up looking like a frankenstein when you're done. You can't treat cosmetic surgery as if money is an option. If it's an option, and you can't afford a good one, then I'd avoid getting the procedure done. I'd want the best available when it comes to a risky operation like double chin surgery.

Double chin reduction costs as least a few thousand dollars. I would ask around and get as many recommendations as possible on any cosmetic surgeon you're thinking about using. Don't just talk to one surgeon either. Talk to multiple of different cosmetic surgeons in your area. Take notes of what each ones says. Ask about the procedure they'd use, then get as many references as possible. This is a life changing decision. Talk to family members and friends too. Don't make this decision with a blink of an eye.

Alternative double chin reduction options

Do not consider double chin reduction surgery as your first method. Believe me when I say this, double chin reduction isn't strictly relied on surgery to get rid of a double chin. There are numerous of exercises for double chins that work. Eating healthier foods and drinking lots of water helps to tighten the skin. There are also some products out on the market that help to reduce a double chin appearance. Don't buy any creams, they're obvious scams. A product called the neckline slimmer is an effective product that doesn't cost nearly as much money as double chin reduction surgery. Try these methods first before you consider cosmetic surgery.