Why Doug & Nick Go Hand-in-Hand

Douglas Yancey Funnie, known simply as Doug Funnie, was the main character on the animated Nickelodeon cartoon show, Doug.  New episodes of Nickelodeon’s Doug ran for 4 seasons from 1991 to 1994.  The premise of the show is simple and virtually everyone from ages 8-13 could related to at least one character on the show. 

In the show, the 6th grade Doug meets several new friends and enemies while trying to fit it.  There are lots unforgettable characters and many memorable moments on the show that made Doug so popular.

But before we look into those moments, let’s take a look at the origins of the show.

Doug was the first ever original Nickelodeon cartoon, or Nicktoon.  Created by Jim Jenkins, the premiere episode ran on Sunday, August 11, 1991 and the series finale aired on Sunday, June 19, 1994.  The main character, Doug, was named after Jim Jenkins’ godson.  Nickelodeon’s Doug was produced in associated with Jumbo Pictures.  However, in 1996, the Disney Company bought Jumbo Pictures and began to air new episodes of Doug from 1996 until 1999.  Moreover, Disney and Jumbo Pictures culminate to produce Doug’s 1st Movie in 1999 which grossed nearly $20 million.  In 1999, Disney’s Doug was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Best Outstanding Children’s Animated Series.  Nickelodeon’s Doug won the Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Cartoon in 1992 and in 1995.

Now that you know a little bit about the background of the show, let’s take a look at some of the characters on Nickelodeon’s Doug.

 As I’ve mentioned before, the main character, Doug Funnie, is a sixth grade boy who has just moved from Bloatsburg to Bluffington with his mom, dad, and older sister.  Although his parents are minor characters on the show, we come in contact with Doug’s older sister, Judy, a lot more often.  Judy is your stereotypical beatnik older sister who is obsessed with poetry and likes to snoop around in Doug’s business.  Doug keeps a journal and writes in it in every episode about something that already happened to him or will happen.

Doug’s best friend is Skeeter Valentine.  Skeeter is probably the most unusual and entertaining character on the show; not only does he have blue skin but he also makes weird sound effects.  Skeeter has an alter-ego, super-hero personality: the Silver Skeeter.  The Silver Skeeter, and Doug’s alter-ego, super-hero personality Quailman, are always fighting crime and injustice.  But the most impressive fact we learn later in the series about Skeeter is that he is in fact a genius.

 When Doug first moves to town, Skeeter takes Doug to the local burger shack, The Honker Burger.  This is where Doug meets Patti Mayonnaise, a girl whom Doug has a not-so-secret crush on.  Patti is a very athletic tom-boy and lives with her dad who is confined to a wheel chair.  And although Doug has a crush on Patti, we never find out whether or not Patti, in deed, likes Doug.

Porkchop is Doug’s faith companion: his dog.  Although he cannot actually talk, he does display many human qualities that help Doug solve problems and he is seemingly always by Doug’s side.

Some other characters on the show are Roger Klotz: the school bully who always picks on Doug and Skeeter.  Beebe Bluff is one of Patti Mayonnaise’s best friends and in certain episodes she and Skeeter are seen dating.  Beebe’s father is the richest man in Bluffington and he has built Doug’s middle school in the shape of Beebe’s head.  And finally, Mr. Dink.  Mr. Dink is Doug’s eccentric next door neighbor who always buys the latest and most high-tech invention.  Of course, all of these inventions are “very expensive.”

Although Nickelodeon’s Doug ran for four full seasons, the show’s creators only created two specials: a Halloween and Christmas special.  Each special was a full show long and aired in the forth and final season.  A typical show was split into two eleven-minute episodes with a commercial break in between.  However, probably one of the most memorable moments on the show was the song "Banging on a Trashcan." 

Nickelodeon’s Doug was the original Nickelodeon cartoon show and put Nickelodeon on the map as a staple in children’s television.  Many memorable characters and episodes came from the show Doug.  Through the history of the show, the cast of characters, and the great moments on the show, it is no surprise to see Doug is a great Nickelodeon cartoon and has stayed in our hearts ever since we were little kids.