Show your Boise State pride by suiting up in an authentic Doug Martin jersey for the next game. As you know, Martin is the "bulldog in the backfield" and serves as the feature running back work horse in a nation-leading offensive attack. What a better way to express your Bronco fanaticism than to suit up just like Doug Martin does week after week?

Doug Martin Boise State Touchdown Leap

Boise State Bronco running back Doug Martin, who wears the infamous number 22 Boise State jersey, is a talented runner and receiver out of the backfield. He even blocks like a true fullback, despite his tailback size, which adds an extra dimension to the Boise State running and passing attacks.

As a feature back, Martin has proven that he can carry the team on his shoulders. When the team needs to chew up the clock - or when it simply wants to smash the ball down the opposing team's throats - the coaches look to Martin.

The Boise State Broncos are one of college football's most elite programs. Granted there's plenty of debate about this issue, primarily because the school doesn't play in one of the traditional "big" BCS conferences, but the fact remains that when the Boise State Broncos step on the field, they dominate their opponents.

Doug Martin Boise State Running BackAnd that domination starts with an aggressive and over-looked lineup. Doug Martin is one such player. He was passed over by the bigger schools, but found a home at Boise State under Coach Chris Peterson's system. He has all of the tangible and intangible qualities of a team leader: He's fast, strong, sees the field, blocks, runs crisp routes and motivates his fellow players.

It's easy to overlook running back Doug Martin when he takes the field, primarily because he's usually lining up behind Heisman candidate quarterback Kellen Moore. But make no mistake, when Martin sets into position, the defense plays up tighter. They know how explosive he is out of the backfield, and step up closer to the line to protect against his talents. Therefore, even when he doesn't run the ball, he sucks the defense up closer to the line, thus opening up the field for Moore to find an open receiver.

When To Wear A Doug Martin Jersey

There really is no bad time to wear Martin's famous number 22 jersey. Wear it to school, work, around the house, to the gym... where ever you want!

But if you really want to kick start the Boise State offense, bring out your Martin jersey on game days. It doesn't matter if you're cheering the team on from the stands of Bronco Stadium, watching the game at home or listening to it in the radio. Martin's Boise State jersey will bring the team luck, and in college football, luck is very important. Just ask the multitudes of players who still adhere to crazy superstitions such as not washing their socks!

Long story short, if you're a true Boise State fan, you know that a big part of the team's recent success has rested on Martin's shoulders. He will be missed when he graduates. So, while you still can, grab a Doug Martin jersey and root on the Broncos in their quest for total college football domination!