Just in case you are not familiar with the founder of the Doulton Water Filter, and how it began, I will give you a brief history. Royal Doulton was a legendary craftsman, and as way back as 170 years ago, he was already making water filters that were able to filter the river water of cholera bacteria, making it fit for them to drink.

John Doulton, went into partnership in 1815, with Martha Jones, who was widow, and inherited a pottery shop. During that time, the drinking water in London was described as "Offensive to the sight, disgusting to the imagination and destructive to the health".

This was written in a pamphlet that was published in 1827. The Thames River, at that time, was badly contaminated with cholera, raw sewage, and many were getting sick with the typhoid epidemic. This was the same year that Doulton's company started to expand their ceramic technology, and in response to the public awareness of the polluted water, they made a water filter case packed with powdered carbon.

Now, this was also during the time the Queen Victoria cam to the throne, and when Doulton's name was established as innovative manufacturer. Queen Victoria realized that her drinking water was dangerous, and commissioned Doulton to provide the first Doulton water filter for the entire Royal home.

The first Doulton Water Filter was a gravity fed stoneware, made with handcrafted pottery. It had a clay filter that was fitted for removing bacteria. The Queen was so thrilled with this new filter, that she conferred to Doulton, the Royal Crest.

The Doulton Water Filter system of today, is a fantastic filter that goes under the sink, and can be attached to your ice-maker or refrigerator water. The elements of this filter are produced with the latest ceramic techniques which provide hollow, porous ceramic, that is fired at 1000 degrees C and higher.

It leaves oxygen and mineral content unchanged while filtering particles from the water, making it taste "wholesome", not just pure.

All of the Doulton filters are under-the-counter style, and are ready to install. They are fitted with genuine Doulton candles. There are two filtration elements, the Supercarb (SC), or the Ultracarb (UC). The UC is recommended for water that may contain lead.

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