People know that a symbol can have more meaning than one. It is the same case for doves. Many people might have an image of a dove for their body art but it does not necessarily mean that those people see their tattoos the same way. People do not simply sport tattoos as a fashion statement as they want something that has more value.

They know that the tattoo is going to be an extension of their body so they avoid hasty decisions. The image of a dove symbolizes Christianity. Dove tattoo designs also represent peace, hope and new life. Some also use it to signify undying love. These are the most common connotations for this particular symbol but there are many other beliefs that are tied to it. In Chinese culture, for instance, the dove means long and healthy life.

The outline of a dove is often very simple that most dove tattoo designs would be small. Adding more details can be more misleading and the figure can end up not looking like one. However, if people wish to have a bigger artwork, such as when they chose it for a back piece, they can include other symbols. For instance, the design can also have some foliage so that it would not end up looking plain. If people want something grander, they can opt to combine it with a fountain, a birdbath, a birdhouse or even a full garden. It all depends on what the tattoo means to them.

Those who wish to use dove as a representation of world peace for instance can put in images of earth in their designs. For a bit of patriotism, an American flag can also be incorporated in dove tattoo designs. The more important thing is to unify the entirety of the design in such a way that the meaning can be relayed to other people who would see the tattoo.

After deciding what symbols would be included, that would be the time to have a graphic artist to come up with possibilities depending on the placement of the ink. Of course the tattoo artist should be informed of where it is to be placed so they can design accordingly. Multicolored ink can also be used to make the tattoo stand out.