Dove Tattoo Designs for Women

Ribcage Tattoo of Doves and Flowers for WomenCredit:

Doves have long been looked at as messengers of love. Perhaps this is associated with the fact that when a dove chooses a mate they stay with that mate for a lifetime. Whether it is what they stand for or their simple yet cute or inspirational look - dove tattoos for women are a popular choice.


Dove tattoo's are universal as far as location goes. They can be inked on over large areas of a woman's body such as the ribcage, back, arms and shoulders. Alternatively they can be done in tiny detail that makes them ideal for back of the neck, wrist, abdomen, breast and ankle tattoos.


Full Color Dove Tattoo's for Women

Big or small these  love birds can look great when inked on the skin in full color. For women who prefer bold and colorful accents of red, purple, pink, blue and orange are good choices when searching out the tattoo design that is right for you.


Sketch or Black and White Style Tattoo's for Women

Tiny Dove Tattoo ideal for wrist and anklesCredit:

Sketch style tattoo's (not the technical name for them) will often incorporate only a small amount of color (if any at all) - usually to just accent the main tattoo. When seen in dove tattoo designs you will mainly notice color around the wings and outer-lining of the bird and shading used to enhance detail.  The look of these tattoo's are often more life-like is appearance and descriptive detail. 


Black and white (flesh tone)  ink tattoo's are just as popular a tattoo choice as fullcolor and are quite similar (in many designs) with sketch style tattoo's. These can look amazing with or without colorful accents. This color choice is regularly seen in line art style tattoo's, though not always, that feature tribal like designs.  (Picture the dove in the first photo without the blue accents and more sharp/angled detailing) 


Different Locations for Body Art

Colorful dove tattooOver the last decade women have become just as daring as men when it comes to where they choose to have their tattoo's. This is perhaps the second most important decision- next to choosing the actual artwork and design, one has to make before actually making things final. Some of today's most popular placements (some previously mentioned above) to consider for your dove tattoo's are: upper shoulder, ankle, breast, abdomen, lower back, forearm and upper arm, back of neck and behind the ear. Your options for placement, however are much greater than those stated.


When you come to the point of choosing a location for your dove tattoo design be sure to think it through thoroughly and not make a rash decision. You may want to take into consideration any potential fall backs of the chosen location such as: work requirements, how you'll feel about it 15 years from now or difficulty in care during the healing process.  At the end of the day - the only person that has to be happy with the decision is you - so make sure when all is said and done that you can truly enjoy your new body art.