So This Is Love!

Disney PrincessesCredit: Google Images

As little girls, we grow up with Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel—Disney’s regal line of princesses. Some were born to royalty, while others became royalty by virtue of marrying a prince. It does happen. Just ask Kate Middleton. It’s no surprise we all dreamt of a fairy-tale wedding for ourselves. Here’s all it takes to make your dream come true!

Now that you’ve found your prince (he may not be a real prince, but he’s your prince!), consider kicking off your happily ever after in the “The Happiest Place on Earth”, which is now anywhere the Disney empire resides. With theme parks, mainland resorts, island resorts and cruise ships throughout the world, you can have a fairy-tale wedding in the kingdom where our most famous princesses hold court.

Say your vows next to a castle or on a sandy, sun-kissed beach at one of Disney’s resorts in California, Florida or Hawaii. Sail into the sunset after tying the knot onboard one of Disney’s cruise ships or on the shore of an enchanting private island.

Destination weddings usually combine the wedding and honeymoon, which is often a money-saver, and just imagine how much your family and friends will love the experience! Disney has wedding packages at several price points, plus you won’t have to worry about keeping guests occupied before or after the wedding. They’ll be surrounded by fun!

World-famous wedding gown designer Alfred Angelo has designed a line of Disney princess-inspired gowns so you can channel your inner Cinderella, Aladdin’s Jasmine, Snow White, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and others, and celebrity wedding planner David Tutera put his creative vision to work especially for Disney’s wedding celebrations. Add Disney wedding favors to thank your guests for sharing the dream, and everyone you know will want to be your guest!

Thinking about songs for your first dance? The films that introduced you to a beautiful bevy of princesses contain some of the most meaningful music for your first twirl around the floor as husband and wife. Choose from classics like “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and “So This Is Love” from Cinderella, and “Once Upon a Dream” fromSleeping Beauty or "At the Beginning" from Tangled, Rapunzel's turn as princess.

In a world where weddings go from the ridiculous (Kim and Kris Kardashian) to the sublime (Prince William and Kate Middleton), fairy-tale weddings still have the power to make everyone there feel the magic and magnitude of the moment.