Finding downhill mountain bikes on sale on the internet will save you some money. Downhill mountain biking be fun for kids and young adults to indulge into. Mountain bikes are quite expensive, especially if you're looking for the new edition and latest downhill mountain bike that's out on the market. You could always shop online at places like ebay for cheap mountain bikes that are used, or for an outdated model if you're looking to spend under $1,000 dollars for used bicycles. All though you can find some brand new downhill mountain bikes for sale under $1,000 dollar as well. All though quality, speed, precision, and performance might not be the same like the most recent and heavily featured expensive bicycles out on the market. Down below are some of the popular downhill mountain bikes for sale online.

GT Downhill Mountain Bikes

GT 3.0 Mountain Bike

The GT 3.0 mountain bike is built for uphill and downhill mountain biking. The 3.0 are cheap mountain bikes for sale and will keep you in a manageable price range compared to the force 1.0, 2.0, carbon expert, and carbon pro downhill mountain bikes. The 3.0 is built for fun, safe, and smooth handling. Features include a shimano nine speed chain, shimano deore crankset chainwheel, shimano pedals, and a shimano doere front and rear derailleur. Other features include gauge stainless steel wheel spokes, pro hydraulic front and back brakes, and a 6 inch rear suspension Fox Float Rear Shock. It's a strong and reliable aluminum body frame that's durable for downhill mountain biking. You can purchase GT downhill mountain bikes for sale online at performance bike. Prices are on sale for a $500 dollar discount. You can get a better deal if you decide to buy a used GT Downhill Mountain Bike.

Mongoose Downhill Mountain Bikes

Mongoose Fireline 26" Men's Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Most mongoose bikes are expensive and cost well over $1,000 dollars. The Nugget, Pinn'R, and Boot'R bikes will put a dent into your wallet. If you're looking for a cheap mountain bike, then the Mongoose Fireline 26" Men's Full Suspension mountain bike is going for sale, and won't cost you more than $500 dollars. It's an 18 inch framed sized body, with 24 different gear speeds. The body frame is built with aluminum, but it is still a heavy bike that weighs 30 pounds. It will ride pretty smoothly. You can use for downhill mountain biking, riding on trails, free riding, and cross country riding. You can buy Mongoose fireline downhill mountain bikes for sale online at, sports authority, dunham's sports, and fogdog sports.

Rocky Mountain Slayer Downhill Mountain Bikes

Some of the cheap bicycles of the Slayer SXC series can be purchase for just slightly over a thousand dollars. The Slayer series are popular downhill mountain bicycles. The Slayer SXC 30 is the cheapest Rocky Mountain bicycle out on the market. It's made with a 7005 aluminum body frame, with a fox float rear shock. Other features include SPAM x9 rear derailleur, front deraileur, hydraulic disc brakes, stainless spokes, and RMB alloy handlebars. The SS 350 is a very similar bicycle model of the 30 sayer, and its on sale for the same price as well. Both are 9 speed bicycles that are on sale at Jenson USA and Bike Bling.

Used Downhill Mountain Bikes

If you're going to purchase cheap bicycles online, then you can shop at places like ebay and amazon for used downhill mountain bikes on sale for low prices. Used and cheap doesn't necessarily mean high quality products. You'll be hard pressed finding popular bicycle product brands like Rocky Mountain, Mongoose, GTs going for extremely cheap prices. There are some GT, Smith & Wesson, Mongoose bikes that be purchase for sale at amazon. The 2009 GT Force 1.0 is used and on sale right now at amazon.

Ebay is another online site where you can bid on used bicycles. I'd find a recommended buyer with positive feedback, but there are some very cheap full suspension downhill mountain bikes on sale at ebay that can cost as low as two hundred dollars. The very cheap bikes won't contain 24 gear speeds and won't be a 9 speed bikes. Although you won't have to pay thousands of dollars.