One of the most fun longboard disciplines is downhill races. The speeds you can attain with this discipline are great and this often results in adrenaline rushes. It is also a fun thing to compete with other longboarders to test who is that fastest. However, downhill longboarding is with distance the hardest discipline to learn, much harder than slalom or cruising, for example. You must not be frightened by steep slopes and moreover some protective gear will be needed, because as a beginner you will fall a lot.

Board Selection

It is very important to select the right board in downhill longboarding. As you might know, every longboarding discipline needs another board. For downhill longboarding this is the speedboard. The speedboard is a more robust board that is designed to attain the highest speeds. It is crucial to possess a board like this; otherwise you will not perform optimally.

Protect yourself

Protection is one of the most important aspects of downhill longboarding. If you do not wear protective gear, this can lead to serious injury.  Therefore always wear knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet when you go down the hill.


The first thing you have to do before launching is checking the area for potential obstacles. Also look if there is traffic that can interrupt your downhill run. This can lead to potential dangerous situations. After having concluded that the coast is clear, climb up the hill and kick off, like you would do with a normal skateboard. Keep moderate speed at first.


Put one foot in front of the other, about two feet apart on the longboard. The best is if both feet are pointing forwards.  Squat and be sure to keep your eyes forward.  Focus with your vision far in front of you, in this way you are able to keep your balance more easily.

Sliding the board

One of the most important skills to master before hitting the big slopes is sliding. If you go very fast, it is not safe to jump of the board to stop. This is possible at small to moderate hills, but at the great speeds you will gain at big slopes; it will be a very dangerous endeavor.  You can also use your foot to slow down, but this will damage the soles of your shoe and is therefore not recommended.

This is all the basic information you need to master this exciting discipline of longboarding. IF you master the skills of downhill longboarding, you can participate in longboard race contests and test your skill against others.