Using Dreamweaver Website Templates

Dreamweaver is a popular editor used for creating web pages. Dreamweaver was originally developed by Macromedia but is now published by Adobe. Adobe Dreamweaver is available both for Windows and Mac platforms making it very useful across different platforms.

Dreamweaver for New Publishers

A lot of times, people pickup Dreamweaver before having any prior experience writing HTML, CSS, or XHTML. What winds up happening is a lot of trial and error and eventually the user will gain enough experience to make web pages without assistance.
It's just like the old saying, if you throw somebody in a tank of water full of sharks, they are going Dreamweaver Demoto have to learn to swim pretty quickly. If you dive head first into Dreamweaver you will pick up the basics of web design really quickly.

If you are new to Dreamweaver or possibly just want to save some time, I would highly suggest that you download Dreamweaver templates and use them for the basis of your site. After you've filled in all the information you can either go back and fiddle with what you've done to help cement your learning's in your mind or upload it to your web server and forget about it.

There are actually quite a few websites that offer users the ability to download Dreamweaver templates, just make sure you are careful you avoid the ones that try to trick you into downloading spyware as some sites are a little more malicious than others

If you can't find any Dreamweaver templates you like, don't get discouraged and definitely don't waste your money paying for professional templates. Take a look around the web at regular HTML template sites, just import a regular web site template into Dreamweaver and the software should be able to recognize it.

Dreamweaver isn't limited to beginners

While Dreamweaver is a great editor for new web site developers, it is not limited to newbies. Dreamweaver is also a great platform for experienced developers as it has many convenience functions built it. Dreamweaver allows you to see all the files associated with your web site, it color codes your tags making it much easier to edit and it also has a great tabbing system. PHP developers and CSS/HTML lovers alike will both find using Dreamweaver makes developing a little less stressful.

Download Dreamweaver Templates

I've compiled a small list of web sites that offer Dreamweaver templates which you will find below:

Adobe - Probably the safest place due to the fact that Adobe is the publisher of Dreamweaver
Snake Dreamweaver Templates - Features tons of great templates for Dreamweaver
Steves Templates - A pretty popular web site with a huge selection of web site templates.