Free AV software is better than ever, give it a try

Save some money by downloading some free anti virus protection software. Let's face it, virus's, spyware, spam and other nasties are out there in greater numbers than ever before. There's no reason to head off to your favorite store to buy a software program when there's plenty of free software that you can download. Some of these free anti virus protection software programs are as good, if not better than the mainstream corporate programs. Here's a listing of some of the more popular ones.

The more popular free AV protection software programs

  • Avira free anti virus protection software: In my opinion this is perhaps one of the best available free AV software programs available. It's very light on system resources so it's great for gamers. On the downside it doesn't have any email scanning capability so you'll probably need to run a second free anti virus protection software program with this one.
  • Avast free anti virus software: A different kind of anti virus with a media player like interface, a nice feature is root kit detection and anti spyware built in, another one light on system resources.
  • AVG free anti virus protection software: I've been using this one for years and it's my favorite, constantly updated and improved it's by far one of the best programs available. The scanner is a bit slow and heavy on resources but it seems nothing gets past this one. It features ant spyware, anti phishing, email scam protection and of course anti virus.
  • Adaware: Use this program in conjunction with one of the free anti virus protection software programs. It adds specific searching for spyware, a nice thing to have.
  • ClamWin free AV protection software" A relative newcomer, and it's open source. No real time scanner but light on system resources.
  • Spyware blaster: Although not technically an AV program you should run this one too as it detects browser hijacking.

So there you have it, a selection of fine free anti virus protection software programs. I suggest you try them all and see which ones you like the best. Remember, at this price (free) there's really no reason why you can't run two of these free anti virus protection software programs at the same time for maximum security.

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