About the Palm Desktop Software Download

The Palm Desktop is a great personal tool for managing information, whether you're on a Mac (OSX) or Windows. It can be used in conjunction with the Palm OS digital assistant, or by itself. This is an amazing piece of software, that I highly recommend downloading.

While the original versions of the Palm Desktop on Mac and Windows were almost identical, a company called 3COM bought a Mac-only product called "the Claris Organizer", and later rebranded it as Palm Desktop 2.

Palm Desktop for MacThe Palm Desktop Software allows Palm users to sync their info with their computer, and all the Palm Desktop applications are very easy-to-use. The Palm Desktop software serves as a calendar and event organizer, contacts manager, task manager, notes and memos, and installing new applications on your Palm device using the quick install feature. Your Palm desktop can categorize all your information, and file them under business, personal, or any custom category that you want. You can connect your Palm device to a computer using Palm Desktop software via Bluetooth, USB, Serial cable, or even a modem. It's almost impossible not to connect! Remember to keep your information secure, and always use a password. To further yourself in security standards, there is also an auto-save feature, and you can even restore all lost data.

Download Palm Desktop Software to take advantage of all its great functions and features. The software includes the four primary modules that the Palm Pilot used. Palm Desktop usually ships with all the up to date Palm devices and benefits from using Palm's HotSync program. It's available as a free download, so if you lose the drivers, it's not a problem to find online it and download it.

Why You Need to Download Palm Desktop Software

First of all, this software is free - and not only that, but it jacks up efficiency of your organization of calendars and memos. Information is backed up in a snap, in less than 3 steps. It is a must-have for anyone with a Palm device. Seriously. Even if you Sync with Microsoft Entourage or Outlook!

There are plenty of fun things to do to keep you busy while on business trips, or your daily commute - like games! For around $10.00 - $19.00 you can get a full version, Palm supported game, like the Sims, bowling, solitaire, poker, and more. This is quickly transfered from your Palm Desktop software to your device.

How you can Download Palm Desktop Software

Simply go to supported Palm sites and look for the latest available software. Then you simply download and install, and get yourself synced up in no time at all. This is probably the most valuable software if you are a Palm device user, because it has everything you need to run with, right from the start.

There are many other Palm Desktop Software resources and information available on the web, but unless you're having specific troubleshooting problems, you probably don't need much more other than the official documentation.

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