It is official, WebOS 1.2 is now available for the Palm Pre.

WebOS 1.2 launched September 28th,2009 and is easily available to download and update directly to your Palm Pre handset.

How to Download and update your Palm Pre to WebOS 1.2

To do so, turn on your Palm Pre and go to the home screen.

Type in the word update, your Pre should search your phone for the update application.

Palm pre 1,2Simply open the Update application and allow your Palm Pre to connect back to Palm's servers.

As long as their servers are not to busy it should begin automatically downloading and installing.

That is all there is to it! The update is roughly 79MB and provides a bunch of cool new features

Palm Pre WebOS 1.2 Features

- Improved copy and paste
- Ability to download images and files from the from the web browser so you can use them as wallpapers.
- You can now search through your email
- music purchases are now available to download directly to your phone
- Unfortunately you this update did not fix the iTunes syncing issue.

I'm hoping it also helps extend the Palm Pre Battery life!