Help Finding the Best Wifi Software Downloads

Wi-Fi is a term generally used to describe wireless LANs. Wi-Fi is used to allow people to connect computers, mobile phones, video game systems and other devices to your network wirelessly. Wi-Fi not only allows you to reduce your clutter but also allows you to save tons of money on network wiring as well as infrastructure development.

Because of the new found lack of wires, all sorts of new wireless technology is emerging and software engineers are constantly coming out with new tools to improve technologies and allow more functionality. WiFi software downloads are becoming more and more apparent allowing users to do anything from hide their mac adress to analyze Wifi Routernetwork packets.

If you are a developer you will download Wifi software to use in conjunction with your applications to more easily allow wireless network access.

Below I have listed a few great WIFI applications you can download that will help improve your user experience when using WIFI.

Download WiFi software

CommView for WiFi
Commview is an amazing shareware application that allows you to capture and analyze network packets coming from 802.11a/b/g WIFI networks. You can download a free version, but to buy the fully functional version you will have to fork over $499.00.

Download from cNet

Download WiFi Guardian
WiFi Guardian is a great Wifi application that all0ws you to surf securely when using hot spot WiFI access points. Wifi Guardian will encrypt all your packets ensuring that other users can't sniff them out and access your vital information. This application is free to try, but has a tiny price tag of just $4.99 to get the full fledged version.

Download from Hotspot Guardian

Download myWIFIzone WIFI Internet Access Blocker
If you are sick and tired of your neighbors trying to steal your internet connection, install this application and be notified in real time when somebody tries to steal your internet.

Download from MyWifiZone