Downloadable knitting pattern for monkey can be found in the internet. There is a lot of knitting pattern for monkey that will suit your taste. And oh, do you know how to knit?

 What is knitting?


 Knitting is a kind of complicated technique in forming a fabric wherein a continuous yarn is used and looped to form a cloth using a certain type of needle. Knitting can be done using a knitting pattern like monkey, fish, or any cartoon character so that the finish product will be appealing. There are different colours of yarns used in knitting to achieve the desired knitting pattern.

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 Knitting can create a variety of products of sweaters, mittens, socks, scarves, toys and others. Some people usually knit for a gift to a certain loved one – others for leisure and pass time. Home knitting is usually a practice in cold countries because knitting products usually are thick and give warmth. Knitting really takes time and effort to finish depending of what you will make and it needs good skills to do it.

What do you want to knit?

 You should first think about what you will make if you want to knit. You should also consider the person who will wear it if you want to please the recipient of your knit – about what kind of apparel he likes, his body size so the knit will snugly fit to him, and the knit pattern he would want to have. You may just ask the recipient while having a normal conversation and don’t be too obvious if you want to gift the knit to him as a surprise. Well, you can just ask him what his favourite cartoon character is or what his favourite animal is. Some people think monkey knitting pattern is cute – knitting pattern of monkey was actually once a fad and still liked by many of today.

 Why would you knit a monkey knitting pattern?

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 There are symbolism regarding monkeys and other animals. The word ‘monkey’ is defined also in the dictionary to refer to a child who behaves badly or annoyingly and a child who is high-spirited. In animal symbolism, monkey represents cunning, benevolence, humanity, and nurture. In Chinese zodiac, monkey also represents certain characters such as quick and keen of wit, highly observant, natural curiosity, loving, a good parent, and excellent in small enterprises. It is also said that the monkey is a symbol meaning fun, charm and an energetic nature. Monkey symbolism also shows that a person has many friends. In this view, then, it would really be nice to have a symbol of monkey in you if this animal represents of who you really are.

 Where can you acquire a knitting pattern of monkey?

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 There are a lot sources where you can get a knitting pattern of a monkey. You may go to your favourite mall, then go to the tailoring department, and ask the attendant for any patterns of monkeys available. If you don’t like their patterns, then you may go to another store. Or maybe, you can ask some of your friends if they have any knitting patterns of a monkey. If you don’t like going out, then, you can always open you computers and search through the web, and download the knitting pattern or have it delivered in your house. After acquiring the knitting pattern of monkey, you will have to buy the necessary materials for knitting the pattern.

 Where can you download knitting pattern of monkey?

 There are a lot of sites where you can download several patterns of monkey. You just have to open your web browser then type the keywords ‘download knitting pattern monkey’ and click search. You can try – I’ve seen a very cute monkey knitting pattern for a sweater there that would really look cute your children. You may also visit Squidoo, Ravelry, All About You, Knitting Pattern Central, and other networking sites that sells products.


 Knitting patterns are helpful in knitting the design of choice for your knit. Well, I think that knitting patterns of monkey creates a strong impression since the pattern is cute and meaningful as it shows the character of the wearer. So, why don’t you start browsing and go to your favourite site with downloadable knitting pattern for monkey?