If you have a youngster who loves monkeys, you may be looking for a downloadable knitting pattern for a monkey.  It may be for your son, for a favourite nephew or one of your friend’s children.  Knitting patterns are a great way to put time and effort into a gift to show how much you love someone – it is original, different and enjoyable.  Monkeys are hilarious and very childlike, which is why children relate to them.  You may wonder where you can find these on the internet and whether they cost anything or not.

Old Hobby

Knitting is an old craft form that you probably remember your great grandma, grandma or even your mother working tirelessly at.  Animals have always been a popular choice to design knitting patterns in, especially if knitting with children in mind.  When the member of your family wanted to knit something in particular they would either go to their favourite craft/knitting store, or often they would be available in some magazines. 


Art of Knitting

Maybe you are new to knitting and are looking for interesting projects to stop you from getting bored or as stated in the opening paragraph, someone you love really loves monkeys, they may even have a capuchin monkey baby.  Finding these patterns is still as easy as it was back when your mother used to knit, better yet, it's probably even easier, because as we will see, you do not even have to leave your house to find downloadable knitting patterns.


Nowadays, you can still go into your local mall and find knitting and craft shops that will have a vast array of knitting patterns available, or your family member may still have their stuff packed away somewhere in their loft or garage (if they don't/can't knit any more) If you feel you don't really have the time to spend searching through your local craft stores, you could look online.


Downloadable Knitting Pattern

This is where the internet becomes a useful tool, as you will not only be able to find lots of knitting patterns to purchase online from places like EBay, Amazon and other retailers.  These are generally available in downloadable form or you could buy what is known as an e-book, an electronic collection of knitting patterns.  What you will find is that they haven't changed much since the days of your grandma or mother following the knitting patterns.  


Nowadays, we all love a great bargain.  The internet has always been a good place to look for smart shopping and saving money deals, including the crème de la crème in money saving terms-something free!  There are many places online where if you look hard enough you could find a free downloadable knitting pattern for a monkey.  If you look at sites like All About You, Squidoo and Hubpages, you will be able to find knitting fans like yourself sharing their know-how.


So if you are planning to knit using a downloadable knitting pattern for a monkey, you don't have to feel like it means you have to trail around the shops looking for that elusive knitting pattern.  Then you are probably best using your computer and finding directly all you need for this project.