Fat Flush Soup 2012: Helping You Lose Weight In A New Year

Dr. Anne Louise Gittleman's fat flush soup has made a comeback for 2012.  Last year, 2011, it was a very popular way for people who wanted to lose weight quickly to get those extra pounds off before starting a good weight loss program.  Dr. Gittleman has made countless appearance on television and has written about her famous fat flush soup in magazines like "For Women First" and other magazines for women.  The soup continues to be a diet and culinary masterpiece as she starts another year by re-introducing the famous fat flush soup to the masses of dieters who want to use it to jump start their weight loss program.

The fat flush soup is designed to loosen trapped fat in the system and flush it out of the system.  Ingredients like peppers, lemon juice, cilantro, tomatoes, beans and parsley is what makes the soup so powerful.  The fresh ingredients act in concert with each other to help cleanse the system and remove fat out of the system.  In fact, Dr. Gittleman says that you can lose 10 lbs in 3 days with this fat flush soup. 

Dr. Gittleman has a great empire of books and products dedicated to flushing fat out of your system.  Other products include books on weight loss and cookbooks and whey protein used in smoothies and shakes.  The fat flush diet soup is designed to work with most diet programs and works similarly to Dr. Oz's Turbo Diet Soup

Although Dr. Gittleman says you can lose 10 lbs in 3 days, there is really no guarantee that you will lose that much weight in that specific time period, however, it is assumed that you will lose some weight.  Enough to give you a jumpstart on the best weight loss program for you.  For those who tried the fat flush soup recipe in 2011 and did not see the desired results, according to Dr. Gittleman's website forum, you should try removing the beans from the soup and see if you get better results then.

This fat flush soup is meant to be done in the short term for you to lose quick weight for a special occasion or for you to clean your system before you start a new diet plan.  For Those looking to lose weight there are quite a few diet plans that you can look into such as Nutrisystem or even Jenny Craig which Mariah Carey used to get back into shape.  You can also look through this article database of weight loss material.

Here are some more of the best weight loss programs that may help you design your own weight loss plan.

There are also natural weight loss pills made from green tea and garlic or even African mango that can help you along with your weight loss goals

Always check with your doctor before starting any weight loss regimen, taking natural weight loss or diet pills or doing strenuous exercise.


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