Dr Dennis Gross (MD Skincare) Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel (30394)

(The Dr Dennis Gross range used to be called MD Skincare).

The Dr Dennis Gross range is a premium skincare brand, designed to deliver dermatologist quality skincare at home.With prices for the Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel ranging from $28 for a 10-application pack, to $128 for a 60-application pack, it's not cheap.

Dr Gross is a New York based dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. He is a member of many leading dermatology associations and has a special focus on skin cancer and its treatment.

About the Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel:

The Alpha Beta Daily Face Peels were originally created by Dr Gross for use on his own patients, to reverse sun damage and help stop the signs of aging. The treatment is gentle on skin, whilst delivering impressive results. The treatment is designed to be used daily, in the morning after cleansing the skin.

The regular Alpha Beta peel is suitable for most, even sensitive skins. For more resilient skins (i.e. if you have had peels before), then there is an extra strength version available. All products are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Some of the skin conditions the Daily Face Peel is able to address:

  • Sun damage
  • Treats breakouts
  • Anti-aging
  • Pore tightening
  • Calms redness
  • Smooths appearance of skin
  • Firms skin
  • Enhances radiance

Application of the Alpha Beta Face Peel:

The face peel comes on pre-moistened wipes. There are 2 wipes to be used per treatment. The first wipe is rubbed over the skin, starting at the forehead and working down the nose, across the cheeks and over the chin, and continue in this way until the wipe is absolutely dry. You may see some darkening of the wipe as dead skin cells are removed.

Then, you wait for around 2 minutes, before applying the second wipe until that too is dry, which neutralizes the skin.This should either be followed with a Dr Dennis Gross serum or with your regular moisturizer.

My experience of the Alpha Beta Face Peel:

I've been using the regular strength peel for 30 days now (I bought a 60-peel pack). My skin tends towards being oily, and I'm in my late thirties, so there are certainly some signs of aging! I do suffer occasional breakouts on my face and large pores are an issue for me. I've had a number of dermatologist applied medium-strength peels using Retinol, AHAs and Salicylic acids. This makes my skin quite well conditioned to peels.

The way that the usage is explained in the packaging is very simple to follow and applying the peel is fast and simple. You apply it daily every morning. The only downside is spending the 2 minutes when it's working waiting, but I use the time to get on with other parts of my morning routine.

When I first started to use the peels, I was a little disappointed, as I didn't really feel more than a very mild tingle on my skin and I figured that they weren't really going to work for me. I tested a treatment on my husband as a guide (poor guy - the human guinea pig), and he certainly felt the peel working, so I put this down to my skin being used to peels already.

What I did notice is that after around 10 days, my skin started feeling noticeably smoother and I didn't get any of the hormonal breakouts I usually get. That is a rare event, and so I developed some new-found enthusiasm for the product. 30 days in and I can see a slight decrease in pore size, less breakouts and my skin does feel a little smoother and firmer.

With hindsight, I'd suggest if you've used peels before, then you should consider the extra strength Alpha Beta peels. It's suggested that you always use sunscreen afterwards (which we should always do anyway) as these AHA peels can make skin more sensitive to the sun. Using with other Retinol, Salicylic Acid or retinoic products can cause increased sensitivity and dry skin, so it's suggested that you stop these 2 days before using the Alpha Beta peels and then, assuming there's no irritation, work them back into your routine gradually.

Summing up the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel:

Overall, after 30 days of treatment, I'm very happy with the results. I can imagine after 60 days, they are going to be even better. Next time though, I'll certainly buy the extra strength version for my skin. My skin feels softer, smoother and my pores are certainly smaller - and no breakouts - that's the biggest result for me.

The Dr Dennis Gross range certainly does not come cheap - it's an expensive addition to my already quite pricey beauty routine, but the results do justify the outlay. If you're new to peels I can't imagine a better product to get started with, and if, like me, you've already had peels, then you can still improve on the results you've seen by using this product.

A big thumbs up to Dr Dennis Gross!