Welcome to the monthly income report for April 2013! This is my first report and I hope I will be as excited about all of them as I am this one. 

Each month I publish a detailed account of my online businesses including a breakdown of exactly how much money I’ve earned and where it comes from.

Doing this helps me take notice of any upward or downward trends in my businesses, and it allows me to be transparent while hopefully providing some inspiration and value to you as well.

If you’re just starting out online, please understand that making money via the Internet is definitely not an overnight thing, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to pull it off.

A lot of people will attempt it and a lot of people will fail – but I absolutely know that it’s possible. I struggle through trial and error every single day – but as long as you have a goal and constantly work towards it you’re at least giving yourself a chance.

Goals for April 2013

I will write, submit, and publish 25 articles to Infobarrel this month. I wanted to get a bunch of quality articles into my “live articles” queue. I was told that have to get at least 150 articles up and going before I could start making $100 a month in passive income from Infobarrel.  This of course, means I have to do some promotion for this as well. To meet this goal, I have found out there is a website called Bubblews, where you can put short postings about whatever your topic is and it will be a form of back linking to my articles on Infobarrel.  (accomplished)

My goal related to money is to make $10 this month from Google Adsense off the articles I have posted.  That seems reasonable, since if I do accomplish the 25 articles written this month I will have over 40 articles in total published out there.  (Accomplished)My google adsense earning pageCredit: my Iphone

I have written articles without pictures and go back and place at least 3 pictures on each article.  This will allow for more promotion of the article and for just a better viewing pleasure for the reader.  (I did not get this fully completed but I adjusted my goal down to do half of them in April and the other ones in May)

Some of my articles are shorter than what I would like for them to be.  I have decided that each article that I write will be at least 1000 words.  I will go back and add more valuable content to each article to get it over this threshold.  I will not add just fluff.  If the article is good enough without being a thousand words, I will leave it alone. (I still have 7 more to do)

I will make more comments on other people’s articles for various reasons.  I do like to learn and there are some great writers on Infobarrel.  I hope that this will be my way of contributing to the greater success of those writers, Infobarrel and in turn, myself.  We all benefit from this being better. (I accomplished this and learned a lot from the Infobarrel articles.  I even used some ads from my fellow Infobarrelers, because I needed a few things.)

I want to finish within the top five for the April Contest. I know the top three get money, but I want to give myself a chance of reaching a goal that is not just monetary in nature. Along those same lines I did not even know Infobarrel had this contest until I was browsing through the forum topics this month.  I checked on my ranking and I was number 5.  I figure I can at least keep that the remainder of the month.  I am a competitive person, but mostly with myself.  I added this goal as just a challenge to the overall experience of writing for Infobarrel.  (I finished number 5.  Accomplished)

I am ever trying to learn to be a better writer and contributor.  I will read and comment on at least one forum post each night this month.  This will be my way of contributing to the success of this site and as a way to provide information to newbies to the site.  (I do think I missed one or two nights.  I learned so much from this process.)

I will get one referral to Infobarrel this month. I think this will be easy to find people who want to make passive income from writing.  However, I think a challenge will be getting those people to be active in the writing.  I send them a request to connect with me and then send them whatever information I can to help them become a success in this venture.  (I had 4 referrals this month.  None have written anything yet, but I will work on that)

I will sign up and post submissions about all my articles to Bubblews this month.  I found out about this late this month and decided that I am going to link all my articles from Infobarrel to Bubblews.  This is a great back linking strategy and a way to make more passive income.  (I accomplished this and back linked quite a few.  More to go)

My last goal is being achieved right now.  I have decided to publish a monthly earning statement that you are now reading.  I have seen Pat Flynn do this on his smartpassiveincome site and he says it keeps him motivated.  I hope it does the same for my.  (Accomplished)

What I Accomplished This Month

MoneyCredit: savvybizbuilder.com

Passive Income Report                 This Month  Last Month  Diff

Infobarrel Adsense:                                        $20.47                   $5.96                   +$14.51

Infobarrel Tier 2:                                             $0.63                     $0.07                   +$0.56

My Level 10 Life Website Adsense:              $0                          $0                          $0       

Bubblews:                                                       $5.13                     $0                         +$5.14

PASSIVE INCOME PROFIT TOTALS:      $26.23                   $6.03                     +$20.20

What I Learned This Month

I learned so much this month that I would fill up two or three of these report so I am just going to be brief about it.  I learned that when you have more articles up on Infobarrel, you earn more money.  Duh!  I also learned that I could indeed find time to write about an article per day to include keyword search techniques.  I learned that I like my articles better with pictures and other people probably will too.  I learned about Amazon modules and have started putting on my articles and will do all of them eventually.  I want to thank all the contributors to the Infobarrel forum.  Without even knowing you have helped me tremendously.  I also want to thank the admin at Infobarrel.  They have been very helpful during my learning process. 

what i learnedCredit: www.merriamcc.org

Goals for Next Month

I will write, submit, and publish 15 articles to the Infobarrel site.

I will continue to publish a brief synopsis of my articles to Bubblews as well as any other topics I want to post on there.  I want to put at least 30 post on there in the month of May.  I want to have at least one redemption on there. 

I will continue to do all my back linking strategies and promotions of my articles.

I will get two referrals in May.

I will make $15 from my articles on Infobarrel.

I will use Stumbleupon to help with promotion of my articles.

I will add Amazon modules to all of my articles. 

I will continue to be active on the forum for my own benefit and maybe to the benefit of others.

I will continue to read at least one of my fellow writers’ articles on Infobarrel and contribute comments to their article.  This has been a very fun part of the process for me.

I will continue to tell my wife “I Love Her” because she is supporting me through all this.   


Please feel free to leave comments as to what you think I could do to improve my experience for earning income online by writing.  Tell me how you are doing.

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